Monday, December 28, 2009

our first christmas~christmas with carsten:) i hope that everyone had a very merry christmas!!! i am posting the piece i did for carsten as part of his christmas present:) i thought it would be cute to try and portray "our first christmas" together in my illustration style:) i had this piece printed up the night before christmas eve and then framed it alongside one of the other pieces i did for him when we first met entitled "lucky charm". it came out so adorable and i lit up like a christmas tree when i gave it to him because i was so excited...i'm like a little kid...can you tell?;) he liked it...THANK GOD!!! my favorite part is me having to climb up on the little stool to reach him...he's much taller than my small little self;)
this week i am working on some sketches for the national kidney foundation of the delaware valley...and i am VERY excited about it!!! the finished piece will be bought from me and then auctioned off at their annual charity event come february 2010! sketches to follow...SOON...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

carsten's painting

could it be?! i am actually done EVERYTHING?!?! the relief is almost as overwhelming as the sheer EXHAUSTION i am feeling right now! seriously, i am so tired i could just cry...wait a minute...i think i'm too tired to even cry!
this was the last of the custom pieces for the holidays! i have been working like a nut for the last 6 weeks...pulling 8-10 hour days at work then another 6-8 painting til the wee hours of the morning! carsten's painting just got done about ten minutes ago and that about wraps it up for me! how i hope he likes it:)))

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

portrait for a friend

well...thank God this is finally DONE!!! it was a portrait of a dear friend of mine's son done to give as a christmas gift to his mom! i was working on this for 2 hours a night along with 3 other paintings, christmas shopping and wrapping and a thousand other things...or so it seems;) i matted and framed it the other night and gave it away! less thing to worry about!
i just finished the cutest little illustration for carsten as part of his christmas present which i will post tomorrow:) tonight...after a really long day at work with 22 preschoolers and a christmas party complete with parents and presents, i will be finishing carsten's sunset paitning! yeah...i like to push it right up until the last second don't i?;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a quick update...

no, i have not fallen off the face of the planet for everyone wondering why i haven't blogged recently! i am super busy working on some christmas orders! one is a portrait of a child for a dear friend of mine, another is a large ocean sunset painting for carsten for christmas as well as a sweet little piece called "our first christmas" which i am determined to finish in the next few days...for carsten also (BIG SURPRISE)! i thought it would be cute to frame a print of it and also a print of my piece entitled "lucky charm" which is also him and i and give it to him as one of his gifts for christmas:)
and...i've been working myself sooooo crazy lately that i even managed to pull a muscle in my right drawing shoulder/arm! it's from endless nights of being hunched over my drafting table til the wee hours of the morning! truly a labor of love right?;) so, with some motrin and a heating pad it's back to work i go!!!
stay tuned for these pieces i talked about above to be listed as soon as they are done:) which i hope is sooner than later;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

custom pair of twin angels

another custom order DONE and ready to ship! this order was for a pair of angels for a set of twins (don't ask me why one is blonde and the other is not...i thought they were twins...who knows...i just do what i'm asked)! all i haveleft to do is attach some sweet little coordinating ribbon for hanging:)
now...onto a painting for carsten for christmas (a kandinsky-like type) and then in the mean time i will be working on a portrait for a dear friend of's his son! i always get a bit nervous and anxious when doing a portrait...wish me luck!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

SOOOO SURREAL... finally see those 4 paintings actually hanging on the walls in ryan's nursery!!! i am so excited about it and they came out much better than i gave myself credit for:) these truly were a JOY to create from start to finish and i am so flattered that the walshes chose me to decorate their baby's wall...thank you amy and mike:))))

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"music"-illustration friday 11-20-09

did this piece a few months back! it was intended to be a holiday card and unfortuneately, i've been so busy that i never got to it:( i thought it fit the theme for this week's i.f. theme of "music"...and it gave me a chance to get back into's been a while due to custom orders! love the little chinese boy:)))

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ryan in summer...and the LAST of the series!

OMG...i can't believe they are all FINALLY done!!!
this is the last in the series "the 4 seasons of ryan"...and i have to say i actually have some mixed emotions about being done them and finally turning them over to ryan's mom! i truly have enjoyed working on these...from the preliminary sketches in my sketch book to the finished pieces. i am very pleased with the way these have turned out (ryan in winter is my favorite)...i still can't believe they are finally completed and ready to be hung on his walls!
my studio will miss them:(((

Monday, November 16, 2009

ryan in spring!

3 down and 1 left to go!!!! here is ryan in spring cute fishing:) my favorite part of the whole piece is that tiny little yellow duck...LOVE him!!!!
i am now working on the last piece-ryan in summer...he is sitting a top a big pile of sand building himself a little sandcastle. all 4 will be turned over to ryan's mom next't believe they will actually be leaving my apartment and hanging on ryan's walls:) part of me will be sad bec i always am when i'm done paintings...but happy to make some money!!!!
stay tuned for some more fairy princesses this week and then finally...ryan in summer!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

fairy princess elizabeth...1 of 3

this fairy princess elizabeth! and she is one of three fairy princesses that i am working on as part of a custom order for a girlfriend of mine. all 3 will be wearing yellow request;) i have included the 3 sketches below of the princesses. there are also 2 angels to follow as part of this order. lovin' the custom orders;) KEEP 'EM COMING PLEASE!!! if you have any questions/orders please feel free to email me at anytime at and i will do my very best to accomodate you:)

Monday, November 9, 2009

ryan in winter...2 down 2 to go!

well, here is piece #2 of the 4 paintings i am working on for ryan's nursery. this is probably going to be my personal favorite due to the fact that winter is my FAVORITE season!!! LOVE SNOW and everything that winter brings:)))
i am working on spring now and summer will be last. i will be turning these over to ryan's mom on november 23rd so 2 more weeks! it's been crazy because sooooo many custom orders are coming in for xmas! but NO COMPLAINTS from me!!! love the $$$$ and love the chance to draw and paint for a child:))))

ryan in winter~pencil sketch

ryan in autumn

Sunday, November 1, 2009

custom nursery art

these are my latest 2 pieces that i just finished up to match a crib bedding for a little baby girl (see the attached link below). i can't even begin to tell you how many orders i get to match pink and brown bedding these days...although that is NOT a complaint;) i LOVE to do it!!! this bedding was mainly just polka dots and a small bit of a stripe pattern (which i am proud to say i nailed to a "t" on the 4 corners of these paintings)!!! AND FREEHAND...NO CIRCLE TEMPLATES AND NO RULERS...SERIOUSLY!!! there are no butterflies in the bedding though...that was a special request by the customer:)all i have left to do is add the pink and brown polka dot bow for hanging! i am glad to have completed these both this weekend bec i can get back to the 4 seasons for baby ryan that i have been working on for the last couple of weeks or so! a week ahead of the game...for once;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1 down...3 to go!!!

my latest project(s)...designing some custom nursery art for a student of mine's new little baby brother! this is painting #1~ryan in autumn! there are 3 other seasons left to go. i am almost done "ryan in winter" and then i have spring and summer left to do! this is a big project but i am MORE than happy to do it for the walshes...they are such the perfect little family and i am soooo flattered that they chose me and my art to decorate ryan's nursery:)))
below is my pencil sketch...i always think it's neat to see how artists/illustrators go from the initial sketch/idea to the finished masterpiece:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"frozen"-illustration friday 10-16-09...and back from germany!!!

first things is an illustration i did last year entitled "peek-a-boo". i thought it fit this week's illustration friday theme of "frozen". that is little me behind the snowman in my signature favorite colors~pink and orange. i LOVE winter and snowmen so i thought this would be a cute little illustration for a winter card. i wound up using it for an educational poster for the canadian company called sharing books and it is available for download though their website at
second part of this blog...back from germany..with NO pictures...SORRY:( it was a whirlwind of a trip to say the very least!!! carsten's family was awesome and the language barrier had it's ups and downs, but for the most part, it was pretty easy to get along with them...considering my german was non-existent;)
the van gogh museum on sunday took a MAJOR back seat to the untimely and unexpected death of my paternal grandmom:( that was quite a horrific blow delivererd to me by my dad in the country of amsterdam thru a message! i was devistated to say the least and in the middle of a foreign country and completely helpless!!! i tried, for the sake of carsten to carry on with the trip to the van gogh museum bec i know we were in amsterdam for ONLY that reason. i couldn't let him down...he wanted me to see that place so badly considering it was my dream since i was a little girl. needless to say, it had hardly any impact bec i was so preoccupied with the news i had just received:( funeral services are tomorrow and back to work on monday! what a way to end my first trip abroad:(
i have so many things to pick up on starting monday when things hopefully resume to a normal state! hopefully there will be another opportunity to go to europe with carsten again:)
NOTE: wasn't real keen on the city of amsterdam but absolutely ADORED germany and the quaint little town of doerpen:))))

Thursday, October 8, 2009

frieda's fairy princess...and off to germany!!! and ironically, this week's new illustration friday topic of "flying"!

here is a sweet little fairy princess for my boyfriend's niece freida who lives in germany. we are going there this coming wednesday (oct. 14th) for his brother's wedding. i thought it would be a nice gesture to make frieda this sweet little princess...i am hoping she loves it:) i am nervous beyond belief!!! NEVER been out of the country and his family speaks NO ENGLISH!!! i guess i won't be saying much for 5 days, huh?;)
it will be a whirlwind of a trip to say the least. we land in amsterdam on thurs morn and take a train to germany to his parents then to a hotel to stay for the night before the wedding. friday is the wedding, saturday back to another hotel in amsterdam and then...the HIGHLIGHT of my LIFE...the van gogh museum on sunday!!! i am still in shock that i will be going's all i have ever wanted to see my whole life and it is so sweet of carsten to take me there:) and then, home on monday! definitely going to be a whirlwind...but so worth it:)
this weekend i will be painting another fairy princess for my girlfriend laura's little girl mia:) i am hoping that painting will help take away some of my nervous energy and anxiety about the flight/trip on wednesday!!!
just an update- saw this week's new i.f. topic is "flying"...figured this piece was appropriate;) enjoy:))))

Monday, October 5, 2009

aubrey's apple tree...ALL DONE!!!

here it is...all done!!! i can't wait to give it to little aubrey for her birthday next week:)))
next project(s)...4 custom pieces of nursery art for a little baby named ryan. i figured since his mom wanted 4 paintings, what perfect way to incorporate the 4 seasons! timeless and adorable...little ryan sitting under an apple tree in a pile of leaves is my first sketch/painting for the season of autumn. i am still tossing around winter, spring and summer. below is the sketch for ryan in autumn. i am currently working on the painting...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

aubrey's apple tree

here is what i am working on now (well, one of the things anyway). this is a pencil sketch of a painting i am doing for my FAVORITE little girl in the world...aubrey:) it is a gift for her 5th birthday coming up on oct. 16th. she LOVES apples...anything made with apples and this girl is there;) apples and bees are her thing and i can't wait to give it to her!!! i am about 3/4 of the way done the actual painting and i'll be sure to post it as soon as it is complete:) down below is a photo of me and aubrey and her little brother derek...LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"infinite"-illustration friday 9-18-09

i know i said i was taking a break from illustration friday for a while...ok...i might have mispoke;) i couldn't help it when i saw this week's word was "infinite"! the first thing that came to mind was outer space...and then a little boy....and then a spyglass...and then a little turtle friend for him...enjoy:)))

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what i am working on now...all done!!!

all done...finally!!! although i am quite sad that it didn't photograph too well...and my scanner isn't cooperating either:( other than that, i am very pleased with the outcome:)))) please see the previous blog entry to check out the pencil sketch...before and after! enjoy:)))

Monday, September 14, 2009

what i'm working on now...

a cute little group of multi-cultural chrismas carolers! i am about 1/2 way there painting wise, so i hope to have the finished piece posted by the end of the week. i am taking a little hiatus for the next couple weeks from my illustration friday postings to work on this piece as well as a 14x18 canvas for a friend's little girl. the piece is called aubrey's apple tree and i will post the sketch as soon as i am done the carolers:)

Monday, September 7, 2009

van gogh at the national gallery in wash. d.c.!!!

OMG is all i can say!!! i can't believe that i actually stood close enough to touch this masterpiece!!! i am obsessed with van gogh and always have been!!! i have seen many van gogh's, but this self-portrait is truly one of my favorites! the man is amazing to me (and yes, i use present tense because dead or alive...i am amazed)!
this was my second trip to the national gallery in d.c. only to realize that the first time i was there, i only saw the east building of the place...which is why i had no idea this van gogh was even in the place! being in the east building the first time around caused me to miss it because it is in the WEST building...duh;) anyway, the east building is still my favorite, being that i favor modern/20th cebtury art. however, that van gogh is definitely the gem of the west building!!!
i was so disappointed however, because the reason for the trip was to see the matisse cutouts! well, let's just say, i missed them by 20 minutes...yes...a lousy 20minutes!!! it seems that the cutouts are on display for a limited amount of hours due to lighting and the pigments in the paper! oh well...another reason to go back again;) don't have to ask me twice!
below are 2 more van gogh's in the gallery's mousme and roses! all of them are just beautiful!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

mia and coco:)

i skipped out on illustration friday this week to work on a couple custom pieces..this one being one of them! it is a painting of a friend's little girl named mia and her ever-so-precious teddy bear named coco. laura (mia's mom) actually became a friend of mine just recently through a custom painting that she ordered from me off my etsy shop ( just hit off! so she recently asked me to do another painting for mia of her and her teddy bear:) i couldn't have been happier:)

she adopted little mia (see the photo below) from guatemala and along with mia, came coco;) so, i take it, they have gone just about everywhere together...a little girl and her teddy bear are priceless at that age;) i tried to incorporate mia's little hair bows and darker skin tone in the painting. she really is a gorgeous little girl and laura is extremely blessed to have her made her a part of her family:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"caution"-illustration friday 8-21-09

after applying sunscreen to all my preschoolers this summer, i couldn't resist coming up with this cute little illustration for the week's word 'caution":) enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"wrapped"-illustration friday 8-14-09

i guess you could say she's "wrapped" around his finger...or at least she's hoping to be;) enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"impatience"-illustration friday 8-7-09

okay...maybe it's a little early for christmas...but not in my mind;) all i could think of when i saw the topic for i.f. this week was the feeling of "impatience" on christmas eve/morning! my brother and i (hence the initials on the stockings), were crazy trying to always sneak downstairs and take a peek to see if santa had visited yet;) come to think of it, doesn't every little kid do that?;) i truly do love this piece more than i thought i would and am definitely thinking of making into a holiday card when the time approaches! enjoy:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"modify"-illustration friday 7-31-09

a synonym for "modify" is "alter", the first thing that came to my crafty little mind was altering or "modifying" a dress. hence this week's i.f. piece for the theme "modify". yes, that is me with the needle and thread...and my infamous little uggs:))) as a child, i was ALWAYS sewing or making something and i love to help out my friends i am hemming my friend's dress! a pin here and a stitch there and ta-da!!! all "modified" and ready to go...enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"idle"~illustration friday 7-24-09

here is this week's contribution for i.f.! okay, you might be thinking exactly how this says "idle"...well, it could definitely be "longing" or something else along those lines i suppose. however, i figured the little boy on the see-saw is "idle" because he is missing his little friend on the other side so possibly his heart is in the "idle" state:( also, the see-saw is "idle" because there is only one person on it.
this is the same little boy in "talisman" and "adapt"...can you tell last week was a rough week for me due to this latest illustration?:( it always comes out in my art...i guess that's somewhat of a double-edge sword! anyhow, enjoy:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009



i am ECSTATIC to say that my website is finally done, up and running...yay for me!!! it definitely wasn't the easiest of things i have ever done (even though i have schooling in graphic design and desktop publishing)! i am sooooo relieved that it's all done...and before my goal of august 1st (even better)! i used a great company called homestead and i highly recommend them if you are thinking of doing your own website as well. they are there all the time to help you with anything! really awesome people:) although, i have to say, i didn't use them for help...or anyone actually...i have to give myself some props, right?;)
anyway, i hope everyone will check it out and tell me what they think...please! just be gentle, it's the only time i have ever done any website design/work! there is a link to take you back here to leave any comments you may have! thank you so much for looking:)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'hollow" illustration friday 7-10-09

i have been so busy these last 2 weeks that i missed out on last week's illustration friday prompt for "shaky" (damn, i could have drawn myself having caffeine withdrawl from lack of coffee...oh well, maybe next time)! i have been trying to get my website off the ground (have the domain name and software-now just trying to design it all myself...i know...what the hell was i thinking...a web designer i am NOT)! anyway, i might actually be making some progress (let's keep our fingers crossed people...pleeeeeaaaassseee)! my launch date goal is august 1 (10 days before my bday...ahhh a nice bday present to myself)!!!
ok...on to this week's piece-"hollow". the first thing that came to mind, for me, was "hollowing" out a pumpkin for halloween! plus, i am a HUGE sucker for really cute halloween illustrations...always have been! cute little witches and them:) so, i came up with a sweet little witch "hollowing" out her pumpkin just in time to collect some yummy treats on her witch hunt...enjoy! oh...and happy EARLY halloween;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"worn" illustration friday 6-26-09

this is me and my stuffed elephant maggie:) this elephant sleeps with me EVERY night...seriously! although she has seen better days, i can't sleep without her:( she has been with me almost 10 years and i love her to death!!! i will be calling this piece "thru thick and thin" and listing it it my etsy shop to be sold as a REPRODUCTION if anyone is interested. most of my illustration friday pieces are sold there as well as REPRODUCTIONS! i am still working on developing my website as well...busy, busy, busy!!! i hope this little painting brings a smile to everyone's face...and yes, maggie is really that cute;) enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"drifting" illustration friday 6-19-09

here is this week's contribution to illustration friday. the word was "drifting" so the first thing that came to mind was a little boy "drifting" off in his thoughts while gazing at the clouds! perhaps he is wishing he was fishing?;) enjoy:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"unfold" illustration friday 6-12-09

meet lily...she is one of my favorite new students who will be moving up to my class in september...and i can't wait!!! love this girl!!! she is soooooo cute:) i walked into her classroom last week and she was cutting out some hearts (or trying to anyway;))...hence this week's illustration friday piece! enjoy:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"craving"-illustration friday 6-5-09

here is my contribution to this week's illustration friday theme of "craving"! after tossing around a few ideas in my head, i couldn't resist the classic "kid in a candy store" idea;) besides, who doesn't "crave" candy?! i knew i wanted just the back of a little boy peering into the window of a candy store, eyeing up all the treats you know he's about to beg his mom for;) i have also included my pencil sketch this time...straight from my sketch book:)enjoy:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"adapt"-illustration friday 5-29-09

it's soooo nice to be able to participate in illustration friday this week! after doing some custom work for the last few weeks, it's nice to be back and challenge myself with the new topic "adapt"...although i can't say it was too much of a challenge;) this is my boyfriend and i...and as you can see he is a bit taller than myself;) so, in order to "adapt" to him, i am standing on my little orange step stool on my tippy-toes to reach him! cute, right?;) these are the same 2 characters in my piece for the topic of "talisman" (also done for him)! ). his birthday was this past friday (5-29), so it just seemed like the perfect way to put him into my art...especially on his birthday:) tall and blond and smart(he is a scientist)...with his german accent...i soooooo lucked out;) enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs...

that's what i have been working on in the last few weeks since my last post...and a few other things as well! these 3 pieces were a custom order for a friend of one of my friends on facebook (gotta love the recognition from fb;))! anyway, they were a surprise for a lady for her 3 boys from her husband (nice guy, huh?). he wanted 3 plant-eating dinosaurs with his sons on each one in my "cartoon-like style", as he called it;) so here they are...FINALLY!!! i look forward to getting back to my illustration fridays next week!!! enjoy:)