Monday, December 28, 2009

our first christmas~christmas with carsten:) i hope that everyone had a very merry christmas!!! i am posting the piece i did for carsten as part of his christmas present:) i thought it would be cute to try and portray "our first christmas" together in my illustration style:) i had this piece printed up the night before christmas eve and then framed it alongside one of the other pieces i did for him when we first met entitled "lucky charm". it came out so adorable and i lit up like a christmas tree when i gave it to him because i was so excited...i'm like a little kid...can you tell?;) he liked it...THANK GOD!!! my favorite part is me having to climb up on the little stool to reach him...he's much taller than my small little self;)
this week i am working on some sketches for the national kidney foundation of the delaware valley...and i am VERY excited about it!!! the finished piece will be bought from me and then auctioned off at their annual charity event come february 2010! sketches to follow...SOON...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

carsten's painting

could it be?! i am actually done EVERYTHING?!?! the relief is almost as overwhelming as the sheer EXHAUSTION i am feeling right now! seriously, i am so tired i could just cry...wait a minute...i think i'm too tired to even cry!
this was the last of the custom pieces for the holidays! i have been working like a nut for the last 6 weeks...pulling 8-10 hour days at work then another 6-8 painting til the wee hours of the morning! carsten's painting just got done about ten minutes ago and that about wraps it up for me! how i hope he likes it:)))

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

portrait for a friend

well...thank God this is finally DONE!!! it was a portrait of a dear friend of mine's son done to give as a christmas gift to his mom! i was working on this for 2 hours a night along with 3 other paintings, christmas shopping and wrapping and a thousand other things...or so it seems;) i matted and framed it the other night and gave it away! less thing to worry about!
i just finished the cutest little illustration for carsten as part of his christmas present which i will post tomorrow:) tonight...after a really long day at work with 22 preschoolers and a christmas party complete with parents and presents, i will be finishing carsten's sunset paitning! yeah...i like to push it right up until the last second don't i?;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a quick update...

no, i have not fallen off the face of the planet for everyone wondering why i haven't blogged recently! i am super busy working on some christmas orders! one is a portrait of a child for a dear friend of mine, another is a large ocean sunset painting for carsten for christmas as well as a sweet little piece called "our first christmas" which i am determined to finish in the next few days...for carsten also (BIG SURPRISE)! i thought it would be cute to frame a print of it and also a print of my piece entitled "lucky charm" which is also him and i and give it to him as one of his gifts for christmas:)
and...i've been working myself sooooo crazy lately that i even managed to pull a muscle in my right drawing shoulder/arm! it's from endless nights of being hunched over my drafting table til the wee hours of the morning! truly a labor of love right?;) so, with some motrin and a heating pad it's back to work i go!!!
stay tuned for these pieces i talked about above to be listed as soon as they are done:) which i hope is sooner than later;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

custom pair of twin angels

another custom order DONE and ready to ship! this order was for a pair of angels for a set of twins (don't ask me why one is blonde and the other is not...i thought they were twins...who knows...i just do what i'm asked)! all i haveleft to do is attach some sweet little coordinating ribbon for hanging:)
now...onto a painting for carsten for christmas (a kandinsky-like type) and then in the mean time i will be working on a portrait for a dear friend of's his son! i always get a bit nervous and anxious when doing a portrait...wish me luck!!!