Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs...

that's what i have been working on in the last few weeks since my last post...and a few other things as well! these 3 pieces were a custom order for a friend of one of my friends on facebook (gotta love the recognition from fb;))! anyway, they were a surprise for a lady for her 3 boys from her husband (nice guy, huh?). he wanted 3 plant-eating dinosaurs with his sons on each one in my "cartoon-like style", as he called it;) so here they are...FINALLY!!! i look forward to getting back to my illustration fridays next week!!! enjoy:)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"hierarchy"-illustration friday 5-01-09

my version of "hierarchy". one of the definitions is "one of the 3 divisions of angels"...i chose gabriel, leader of the messengers. he is carrying out his message through his song and delivering it to the cute little bluebirds...who will then carry it out "somewhere over the rainbow";) enjoy:)