Thursday, January 29, 2009


here it is!!!!!!!! mt first PUBLISHED piece----and i am over the moon with excitement!!! it is entitled "peek-a-boo!" and i had the same great lady (jr poulter), who i am doing the "fruity beauties" poem with, write me a little something to go with this illustration that i had done a short time ago! this is truly one of my favorite illustrations because i LOVE snowmen and that little girl is supposed to be me (hence the pink and orange attire-my favorite colors)!
jr introduced me to this great company called "sharing books" (! these are the nicest people to work with and have been so good to me (as i am quite the novice to all this)! the easiest part of it all for me is the painting:) the technical stuff escapes me just a bit;) however between jr and marcus over at sharing books, i was able to pull it off (thank God)! and here is the final result! it is available for download at by just typing in peek-a-boo in the title or you can search by author (j.r.poulter) or by illustrator (nicole m. esposito---that's me--FINALLY---YAY!!!!!!!)!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

scarlet strawberry

here is scarlet strawberry! she is the third "fruity beauty" (3 down-1 more to go)! she is taking a bath in chocolate pudding (in case you couldn't figure that out;))! the verse goes as follows-"strawberry red, strawberry bright-dipped in chocolate, take a bite!" scarlet in the bath tub of chocolate is that image that came to mind for me when i read that! i thought it was cute and clever;) penelope pineapple is the last "fruity beauty" to paint and then an image of all 4 of the girls will be the final addition to the poster! almost there!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

meet bonita banana!

meet bonita banana!!!!!!!! she is the second "fruity beauty" for jr poulter's poem that i am working on!

what an amazing opportunity this has been for me! it took a few ideas tossed around in my head until i finally came up with the idea of these four little "fruity beauties". you've met aubrey apple and now bonita banana. she is serving up jr's words of "split with piles of cream and served"! i figured giving her a nice big dollop of whipped cream for her hat would be an extra-cute touch;)
scarlet strawberry and my favorite, penelope pineapple, are the final 2 "beauties" to be completed! i am only sad that it is taking longer than it usually would:( that's due to the extra craziness of running a preschool classroom as my full-time gig! hopefully this poem with jr will help me establish a full-time gig as a kids illustrator...i am done with the teaching part---or at least i hope to be soon;)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

introducing...aubrey apple!

meet aubrey apple:) she is one of the characters i developed for the poem/poster that i am working on for jr poulter for sharing books! it has been a crazy couple of weeks developing the 4 little characters for this poem entitled "fruity beauties!". but i think i finally have it licked! i am just working on the actual paintings/illustrations now. all the rough sketches/layouts and ideas are done! THANK GOD bec i was really stressing about it;( i have included the rough pencil sketch of aubrey as well as the finished piece! hopefully the rest of the little "fruity beauties" will turn out as successful as aubrey did...hopefully;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fruity beauties!

it seems like forever since i have added to my blog here! just a quick update (as i watch the inauguration festivities on my favorite channel-cnn)! i am HONORED to be working with a great writer by the name of jr poulter on a cute little poem entitled "fruity beauties"! i almost fell of my couch when she asked me to do this with her! she writes the cutest stuff:) i got the manuscript about 2 weeks ago and am crazily working on sketches and layouts for this piece! did i mention my wicked little crush on joe biden---sorry i just a glimpse of him here on cnn;) love him!!!!! okay, back to jr and her poem!

my final ideas for the poem are now in rough form and about to be painted up in nice vivid colors (what seems to have become my trademark;))! i thought why not turn the title "fruity beauties" into their own little characters...cute right?! i love these little characters.....sooooo cute:) there is aubrey apple, scarlet strawberry, penelope pineapple and bonita banana! i have included a ROUGH sketch of the strawberry taking a bath in chocolate pudding (to coincide with a line from jr's poem). NOTE-i will be changing the hat to a shower cap in the final painting!

i am hoping to put the finishing touches on the other characters and start painting them all in the next few days! don't forget, i still teach preschool 8 hours a day so right now i am in the midst of juggling both! i want a full-time illustration career so i will do whatever it takes to get there! i am so grateful to jr for this opportunity! THANKS A MILLION JR!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

topiary trio

this last week has been crazy! i was asked to do a trio of topiaries for a baby girl's nursery from someone on etsy (my on-line shop). i originally assumed they were all going on one wall together so the following is the sketch i came up with:)

well, then i found out that the paintings were going to be hung seperately-the large one by itself and the two smaller ones on a seperate wall! that meant redesigning at a very late stage of the game...ugh! anyway, i prevailed and here are the final three topiaries!

so happy they are finally done!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

brady's blueberry bakery

Here is my newest addition to my little series of houses! Meet Brady and his Blueberry Bakery:)

Brady is a sweet little boy who loves to bake! His favorite color is blue and his absolute favorite thing to eat are...can you guess...blueberries! He bakes everything and anything that he can create with blueberries:) His specialty are blueberry baseballs with blueberry piping! Brady's bestest friend is a little bluebird named Jay...he flies over the bakery each day to get a whiff of the yummy blueberry scent coming from the chimney;)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

my current obsession

Lately I am obsessed with painting little houses! Don't know why...just am! One of my 3 year old students the other week said to me that she wished she lived in an "all pink house"! And so it began:) This is called Caroline's Cottage and it was inspired by Caroline (my 3 year old student).

Lots of pink:) And definitely very "girly"...just the way I like it;) From it's little pink door and window shutters with hearts to the pink blooms all over the front lawn-this pink haven would make any little girl smile:) A print of this is for sale in my shop if you would like to purchase one for her:)

More houses to come!


welcome to my blog! i am completely new to the whole "blogging" thing, so please be patient with me;) i will be posting my daily happening as i try to venture out into the world of children's book illustrators! it is, and always has been, my dream to write and/or illustrate a children's book from start to finish. i am in love with children's art and it is a huge passion of mine to create art work for a child:) i am going to try to be as successful in 2009 as i possibly can!