Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A new snowdrops painting....

is in the works for 2018!! 

I LOVE WINTER...AND SNOWDROPS! Basically, anything including the word "snow" is usually is enough to make me happy. :)

Been working on a new snowdrops themed painting these last few weeks with a serene color scheme of soft sage green and a bevy of gorgeous grays. Different than my usual bright and colorful color palette, yet I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying it. 

Progress pics below as well as January 2016's "Silence of the Snowdrops" painting (still my favorite painting to date) with links to PRINTS and a sweet pendant necklace featuring that painting.

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy New Year!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017


8x10, graphite and colored pencil on 80b cold press cream drawing paper
©the enchanted easel 2017
With this being the last day of November (YAY DECEMBER!!), I thought it was a good time to post this drawing of a little autumn themed girl I named Hazel (because I need to name EVERYTHING). She is done in graphite and colored pencil made by my FAVORITE pencil maker, the fabulous Derwent Company. Seriously, these people make the best pencils ever-no matter what type you're looking for. I own them all. Really. Obsessed with Derwent. Those Brits make some really handsome looking pencils. I digress...this drawing was done with the Coloursoft line of colored pencils and their graphite pencils as well. Love me some Derwent.

Hazel has a summer sister by the name of Mirasol found here. Both are available FOR SALE as original drawings. NO prints will be offered.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas time is here!!!

and I've added some beautiful little snowflake ornaments to my shop featuring mini prints of my winter girls trio of drawings. THERE ARE ONLY A FEW OF THESE TO GO AROUND!! Buy one. Buy all three. And, take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING still available until Friday, December 1st.
I. Love. Winter...and Christmas!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

It's That Time of Year Again!!

Annual Black Friday sale-starting a little early!!

FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN MY ETSY SHOP!! CLEARANCE ITEMS INCLUDED!! NO CODE NEEDED. And, as a little THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased my art this year, a 10% OFF COUPON will be given to you as well (at checkout) to use towards your next purchase.

*sale ends 12/1 at 11:59 pm (est)

Wishing everyone the Happiest of Thanksgivings!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Little Lionel...

lionel's lullaby tree
6x6, mixed media on canvas panel
©the enchanted easel 2017
every night he gathers by his most favorite toadstool under a sky of polka dot stars. Magically, the leaves begin to play the most peaceful of melodies that lull little Lionel into the sweetest of sleeps.

Lionel's Lullaby Tree. NEW ART PRINT FOR SALE HERE!! I also have the ORIGINAL PAINTING AVAILABLE. Contact me if interested.

I loved working on these mixed media animals over the summer. I also have an owl named Otus available here and two others I worked on last summer (an adorable bear and another owl). These are so much fun and I'm hoping to maybe work on some arctic animals this coming January...because we all know how much I LOVE WINTER!!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


I have been working on these sweet little pendant necklaces for the last few weeks and am so happy to finally be able to share them with you. They are FOR SALE in my Etsy shop...just in time for holiday shopping! I have 9 different designs available. If you would like one custom made for you in a different metal finish (antique bronze, antique copper and antique silver are the choices), please contact me and I will do my very best to accommodate you.

I had made a few of these sweeties last year in only the oval shape and once they sold out, I decided to try some more of a variety with the rectangles and squares and with the addition of a cute little matching flower charm (because let's face it, mostly all of my latest paintings include flowers...and I'm perfectly okay with that). I thought the charm was a lovely addition.

Each one of these are entirely HAND CRAFTED by yours truly...from the necklace cards they are placed on (designed by me and printed by Vistaprint) to the tiny little bows tied by my arthtic right hand and I "little labors of love".  I hope you love them as much as I do.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Otus' Opus In Bloom
6x6, mixed media on canvas panel
©the enchanted easel 2017
Little Otus...with an ostentatious screech here and there, he manages to assemble quite the composition. So much so, it makes the flowers bloom...even at night. PRINTS are available and the ORIGINAL PAINTING IS ALSO AVAILABLE. Contact me if interested.

I worked on this little guy over the summer along with a baby fox (available next month in my etsy shop). Had such a blast making a couple of mixed media animals last summer, that I carved out some time to do a couple more this summer. These are so much fun and allow me to use the wide range of art supplies I have (and I still never manage to use them all-I mean one can NEVER have too many art supplies. just sayin'). Everything from my beloved acrylic paints to scrapbook papers, sheet music, oil pastels, palette knife, inks...and the list goes on. Looking forward to sharing the fox in November. Speaking of November....

it's one step closer to (wait for it, wait for it)...WINTER!! And oh how I have MAD LOVE for winter. I mean someone has to, right? Well, that someone is ME! :) On my easel right now is a winter themed painting featuring snowdrops (I so love the delicate beauty of those flowers). Here's a peek...

She's a beauty, if I do say so myself.

And, before I forget....NEW PENDANT NECKLACES coming next Thursday, November 2nd to my etsy shop. I redesigned them and added sweet little flower charms to further showcase the artwork. Super excited to share these just in time for the HOLDAY SHOPPING SEASON!! Stay tuned....

Thursday, September 21, 2017

just a sweet little girl i like to call....

8x8, acrylic on canvas
©the enchanted easel 2017
"fancy". worked on this blonde haired, big eyed little cutie over the summer and just realized i never listed her. hmmm....

PRINTS are available here and the original is FOR SALE. 8"x8", acrylic on canvas. if interested, don't hesitate to contact me.

in other news....FALL FINALLY ARRIVES TOMORROW!!! and i, for one, am ecstatic about this!! GOODBYE SUMMER....YOU WON'T BE MISSED! hashtag-MY TIME OF YEAR!

Thursday, August 31, 2017



My heart literally breaks when i see all of the photos of the devastation in South East Texas. When I especially think of the little children who have lost their homes-theit safe havens, their sacred play spaces well, it's almost too much to take. Kids will always have the most special place in my heart. I want to help. I am running a LABOR DAY SALE in my Etsy shop until Monday, September 11. EVERYTHING IN THE SUMMER CLEARANCE SECTION (WHICH IS ALREADY DISCOUNTED) IS NOW 50% OFF. 75% OF YOUR PURCHASE WILL GO DIRECTLY TO SAVE THE CHILDREN HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF FUND. I will send you a notification with your purchase that your funds did indeed go to
Help me clean out my studio and in turn, help all of the children who have fallen pray to such a devastating event that no one (especially a child) should ever have to face,

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

summer is almost over....

and i've been working hard on a few new pieces at once. busy little bee...and loving it! 🐝😊

remember these two (link to PRINTS in caption)...? had a blast last summer working on a couple mixed media animals. my first time trying something a bit different (but still cute, i might add 😏). well, i decided to give it another go with at least 2 more (another owl and a cute fox friend). been working on those (pics and video below)....

autumn serenade
ophelia's nocturne

also, i've been sketching out what i'd like to be the painting in which i close out the year 2017. peeks below...(btw, music in video is my most favorite pianist ever, mr. david benoit. oh how i love him so.💙🎹)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

summertime endeavors...

been a busy little bee the past month-working on multiple projects at once...and that's just the way i like it. 😊

some drawings/sketches...

started a new painting....

...and finally, making some new pendants for september release in my etsy shop.

speaking of my etsy shop, i am currently running HUGE 50% OFF SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE on some older works (ALL ORIGINALS) so that i can clear out my studio to make room for the new! take a click on over and check out some of the pieces i have FOR SALE from "back in the day". 😉

Thursday, June 22, 2017

my blue heaven....

my blue heaven
acrylic on canvas
©the enchanted easel 2017
surrounded by what else? a plethora of himalayan blue poppies. be still my heart.

i loved every second of every brush stroke of every blue poppy on this canvas. forever in love with them...


also, i have added a SUMMER CLEARANCE SECTION to my etsy shop. 50% OFF some older original paintings. trying to make room for some new items coming this fall. shop around and take a painting (or two...or more) off my hands. out with old and in with the new.

{did i mention how much i throughly enjoyed painting these blue poppies...? :)}

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

painting, poppies and piano....

been spending the last couple of weeks finishing up my recent painting. here are some small video clips of the process featuring the music from one of my FAVORITE pianists, mr. jon schmidt from the piano guys. while i appreciate the group as a whole, it's really only schmidt i need. ;) piano girl for life.

and just because i'm a little obsessed with him...i mean c'mon, this guy is magic on those keys. 
{heart melt}

Monday, May 8, 2017

bad blogger....

{hangs head in shame. :( }

i have not been a good blogger these last few weeks. been working on multiple things at once and dealing with some osteoarthritis flare ups in my painting arm and hand. this humid weather is my kryptonite for sure. however if you know me personally-well, you know i keep chugging along. my drive and determination....ALWAYS bigger than my pain and my size. :)

now to the good stuff....HIMALAYAN BLUE POPPIES!! 

i. am. obsessed.  i mean look at these GORGEOUS blooms!! every year, i anxiously await the display at Longwood Gardens and they do not disappoint. although they only bloom for a very short time (10-14 days-MAX), if you're lucky enough to get to see them in their prime-you will be very pleasantly surprised. they are stunning and my photos sure don't do them justice. they range from deep cobalt blues to opulent turquoise shades to violets and purples that will take your breath away. can you tell i'm a bit obsessed?! 

ok, i swear this is going somewhere and it's not just a plug for Longwood Gardens and blue poppies (not that that would be such a terrible thing)....

it's going straight to my easel and the painting i'm currently working on based on (wait for it, wait for it...) the HIMALAYAN BLUE POPPY! after being surrounded by those gorgeous blue spectacles, well i was inspired to do yet another blue poppy painting. the first one can be purchased as a print here and a pendant necklace here.

some pics of the new painting in progress....

loving every second of beautiful blue bliss on this one.

{wow, that was a long blog post. almost made up for the couple weeks of being MIA....}

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


as of now, i only have FIVE of these little beauties available for sale in in my etsy shop

they are quite lovely in their antique bronze frames and the perfect accessory for your little princess's   royal space. 


until then, check out my other pendant necklaces here!