Thursday, April 12, 2012

illustration friday~vocal

is there anything more 'vocal' than my love for peyton manning?! of course not!;) so...

i thought little pippa here, in her brand new broncos jersey, was indeed fitting for this week's i'.f. prompt 'vocal'.

she is clearly ready to shout loud and clear how much she loves peyton and is excited to be sporting some new team colors.

good thing i look good in navy blue and orange because...pippa is really me:)


Monday, April 9, 2012

new postcard mailers!!!:)

my new self-promo psotcard mailers have arrived! a big shout out to! this is the second time i have used them for postcard mailers and they do not disappoint! have to give credit where credit is due...HIGHLY recommend them. AND, they offer some really great deals!:)
planning to have these mailed out by the end of may..right after i make some edits and revisions to my mailing list:)

also, a print of this illustration entitled 'teamwork' can be found FOR SALE here:

nothin' like a little 'teamwork'...;)

Friday, April 6, 2012 apparently i have a *thing* now....

for drawing CUTE baby animals :)

as i stated earlier in the week, i'm trying to work on selling (or shall i say "parting with") some ORIGINAL artwork. and i thought i great way to do that would be to "part with" some sketches/drawings right out of one of my sketchbooks. and, i have many of those...;)

here we have a cute little baby cheetah...with his dragonfly friend (because i couldn't bear for him to be out there in the jungle all by his little lonesome self, of course). he is FOR SALE HERE:
along with a sweet little Easter bunny who is waiting for a new home as well....:)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

an ORIGINAL touch of CUTENESS :)

so, after much *debating* with myself, i have decided to start selling some ORIGINAL pencil drawings. that way, i get to draw almost every day and you get ORIGINAL art at an AFFORDABLE price. "win win" right....?:)
let's start with this ADORABLE little baby bunny, who obviously has a little *something* behind his back....
~HoPpY EasTeR~