Thursday, June 21, 2012

illustration friday~secret it's not really a *secret*...but my sweet little character Pippa is really ME!;)

i thought i would share some sketches of her as i am currently in the process of re-doing my website and the art work for the home page, bio page and contact page will feature Pippa :)

also, there's a sketch of Pippa in her new little Peyton Manning a Bronco now, of course. because as we all know, Peyton is MY MAN! FOREVER! no matter where he plays, i will ALWAYS be his #1 fan!

ok....don't get me going about Peyton...;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

illustration friday~shiny

"ahoy mate!" shouted little Aiden the pirate. "i believe we have sailed the high seas right into ....a treasure chest of SHINY gold and precious jewels!"

as Mac(aroon), the silly little monkey, looks on from his favorite *hiding* spot....a coconut tree ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

ahoy mate!!!!

this is now FOR SALE here in my etsy shop
i decided to scan it before painting the name so that i could sell it as a PRINT. it is a comissioned piece for a baby named Aiden (hence the name of the ship in the photo below-the S.S. Aiden).

so...can i just say that i have a new *favorite*?!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

progress on a pirate....

 and a cute little monkey too...;)
this is the S.S. Aiden! complete with a little pirate (by the name of Aiden-who knew?!) and a crazy little monkey named Macaroon (i couldn't resist since i placed him in a coconut tree-AND i LOVE macaroons. self-serving, i know, i know....) anyway....

this is a custom illustration/painting i am working on for a friend of my step-mom's who is about to give birth to a little boy named....(3 guesses. it starts with an "A"....)

will be done this by tomorrow. tonight MAYBE....bec i'm feeling a bit more *ambitious* than usual.....;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

what's better than a set of cute little elephants....?

why a TRIO of cute little elephants, of course ;)

while working on several projects at once, i had an order come in on tuesday night for the nursery art set of elephants i have listed in my shop here
to be re-painted in a pink and gray color scheme to match a bedding for a baby shower gift. well, it was a RUSH order, so to speak. needed to be shipped this coming monday the 4th.

well, after deciding 2 might not be enough as far as the wall space was concerned (the canvases are only 6x6), we decided to add a third one.

so....i introduce you to stella. joined by her sisters bella and ella, of course :)

i had a WONDERFUL time painting these, as elephants are my absolute FAVORITE!

thanks for the order Nubia. so happy you are pleased!

***if you would like any custom nursery art done for your little one, or someone special, please visit some samples over at and or email at and i will surely accomodate you***