Sunday, June 27, 2010

ladybugs and butterflies~left panel

it seems like i have been working on these 2 panels forever! well, they started off as a custom order to match a popular little girl's bedding
the order fell through and so i decided to go ahead and finish them anyway...and i'm so glad i did:) this is the left one and the right one is soon to follow...
i will be posting them in my etsy shop for purchase as soon as they are complete.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

happiness is...

being a BIG SISTER!!! this is a sketch i just finished up for a friend's daughter who is about to become a big sister this coming september. we originally had discussed having colleen (the soon-to-be big sister) possibly watching over her little brother in a crib/cradle. then, the more i thought about it, it came to me to make it a bit more timeless (so-to-speak). something that would not show that she will always be his big sister...even when he's not a "baby" anymore. i was sitting out on the playground with my class the other day when one of my kids said something about riding in his wagon after school...then BAM, i came up with this idea for coll and her little brother!
i will be painting this up in the next month or so. i am also waiting to finish up the giraffe in the earlier post (just waiting on the baby...and his name) and then waiting for another couple to have thier baby in july (sex unknown)...and still have have to finish up another custom order that is due in 2 weeks! whew...busy bee i am;) but i LOVE it!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

patches the giraffe...almost done...

this sweet little giraffe was comissioned by step-mom for her niece who is about to give birth anyday now...yikes! it is made to coordinate with jungle jingle bedding by cocalo (see bedding photo below). i am just waiting to find out the baby's name so that i can put it in baby blocks down at the bottom of the painting. and i have to add some polka dots along the border as well. i 'heart' this little guy:)
and...i made a point this week to start putting a portfolio together to send off to some bedding companies for little kids. i am obsessed with crib bedding and decorating nurseries with my art. and, another labor of love i am trying to work on, is another website for just my nursery art (which is going a bit slower than i would like...but i teach all day so my time is kind of limited at night) but i'm getting there...;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sketches for more custom nursery art...YAY!!!

lots and lots of custom work going on in the next couple of weeks for me...adn believe me, i am NOT complaining...i LOVE to do it!
a customer from etsy asked me if i could design 2 paintings for her baby girl due in a couple weeks. the bedding is 'ladybug lullabye' by the bedding co. 'nojo'. she wanted something similar to pieces i had done a month or so ago for a baby named gwen. after studying the bedding to get down the butterflies and ladybugs exactly, this is what i came up with. i am so excited to get my brush in that paint for these:)
hmmm...maybe i should start to submit my work to some bedding companies. i could "settle" for designing for them...;)