Monday, December 28, 2009

our first christmas~christmas with carsten:) i hope that everyone had a very merry christmas!!! i am posting the piece i did for carsten as part of his christmas present:) i thought it would be cute to try and portray "our first christmas" together in my illustration style:) i had this piece printed up the night before christmas eve and then framed it alongside one of the other pieces i did for him when we first met entitled "lucky charm". it came out so adorable and i lit up like a christmas tree when i gave it to him because i was so excited...i'm like a little kid...can you tell?;) he liked it...THANK GOD!!! my favorite part is me having to climb up on the little stool to reach him...he's much taller than my small little self;)
this week i am working on some sketches for the national kidney foundation of the delaware valley...and i am VERY excited about it!!! the finished piece will be bought from me and then auctioned off at their annual charity event come february 2010! sketches to follow...SOON...


  1. thanks maureen! let's hope so!
    happy new year to you and your family:)