Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"infinite"-illustration friday 9-18-09

i know i said i was taking a break from illustration friday for a while...ok...i might have mispoke;) i couldn't help it when i saw this week's word was "infinite"! the first thing that came to mind was outer space...and then a little boy....and then a spyglass...and then a little turtle friend for him...enjoy:)))

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what i am working on now...all done!!!

all done...finally!!! although i am quite sad that it didn't photograph too well...and my scanner isn't cooperating either:( other than that, i am very pleased with the outcome:)))) please see the previous blog entry to check out the pencil sketch...before and after! enjoy:)))

Monday, September 14, 2009

what i'm working on now...

a cute little group of multi-cultural chrismas carolers! i am about 1/2 way there painting wise, so i hope to have the finished piece posted by the end of the week. i am taking a little hiatus for the next couple weeks from my illustration friday postings to work on this piece as well as a 14x18 canvas for a friend's little girl. the piece is called aubrey's apple tree and i will post the sketch as soon as i am done the carolers:)

Monday, September 7, 2009

van gogh at the national gallery in wash. d.c.!!!

OMG is all i can say!!! i can't believe that i actually stood close enough to touch this masterpiece!!! i am obsessed with van gogh and always have been!!! i have seen many van gogh's, but this self-portrait is truly one of my favorites! the man is amazing to me (and yes, i use present tense because dead or alive...i am amazed)!
this was my second trip to the national gallery in d.c. only to realize that the first time i was there, i only saw the east building of the place...which is why i had no idea this van gogh was even in the place! being in the east building the first time around caused me to miss it because it is in the WEST building...duh;) anyway, the east building is still my favorite, being that i favor modern/20th cebtury art. however, that van gogh is definitely the gem of the west building!!!
i was so disappointed however, because the reason for the trip was to see the matisse cutouts! well, let's just say, i missed them by 20 minutes...yes...a lousy 20minutes!!! it seems that the cutouts are on display for a limited amount of hours due to lighting and the pigments in the paper! oh well...another reason to go back again;) don't have to ask me twice!
below are 2 more van gogh's in the gallery's mousme and roses! all of them are just beautiful!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

mia and coco:)

i skipped out on illustration friday this week to work on a couple custom pieces..this one being one of them! it is a painting of a friend's little girl named mia and her ever-so-precious teddy bear named coco. laura (mia's mom) actually became a friend of mine just recently through a custom painting that she ordered from me off my etsy shop ( just hit off! so she recently asked me to do another painting for mia of her and her teddy bear:) i couldn't have been happier:)

she adopted little mia (see the photo below) from guatemala and along with mia, came coco;) so, i take it, they have gone just about everywhere together...a little girl and her teddy bear are priceless at that age;) i tried to incorporate mia's little hair bows and darker skin tone in the painting. she really is a gorgeous little girl and laura is extremely blessed to have her made her a part of her family:)