Thursday, June 23, 2011

she's off to see the wizard...

next up...dorothy from the land of oz. i sketched this out a couple of weeks ago but was working on an illustration for sfcm. now that that is done, i can do some work on cute little dorothy here. i wanted to do a series of these little fairy tale characters and sell them as originals in my etsy shop at already there is sweet little alice...from wonderland, of course;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

nothing like a little "teamwork"...

especially with some really cute animals:)

this piece is to be featured in the back to school issue of stories for children magazine the august/september 2011 i believe.

if you can't guess what the story is about based on the's a small summary...

a cute little cow (whom i named charlie) and a cute little goat (whom i named grayling) are all psyched to enter this art show. so charlie, with his yellow paint and grayling, with his blue paint go on to create a circle sun, some lakes and flowers and are pretty happy with their creation. until...henry (my cute little pony) comes along and wants to paint as well. unfortuneately, charlie and grayling tell little henry that there is no brush for him:(


henry excitedly suggests that they drop a bit of each of their 2 colors on a rock and watch henry work his magic with his little tail. well, as we all know, blue and yellow make...GREEN!!!

so charlie, grayling and sweet little henry work together as a "team" to create a wonderful painting for the art show!!!:)

so cute...:)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

newly designed blog...

newly designed website:)
come take a look....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

teamwork~sketch for stories for children magazine

this is my third illustration for the on-line children's magazine this one to be featured in the back to school issue/september 2011.
it is for a sweet little story entitled "teamwork". the second i read it, i just thought it was so adorable!:) it gave me the opportunity to work on rendering more animals in my signature style and it has to do with PAINT! i seriously could have not come across a more perfect story for me.
i am so excited to start painting this! LOVE the little goat;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

illustration friday~asleep

an illustration i recently did for a story entitled "two pillows" and published in the may 2011 issue of stories for children magazine/e-zine

i thought it fit this week's i.f. theme of 'asleep'. sweet little ralph cuddling with his much beloved pillow sam:)

sweet dreams....