Thursday, September 3, 2009

mia and coco:)

i skipped out on illustration friday this week to work on a couple custom pieces..this one being one of them! it is a painting of a friend's little girl named mia and her ever-so-precious teddy bear named coco. laura (mia's mom) actually became a friend of mine just recently through a custom painting that she ordered from me off my etsy shop ( just hit off! so she recently asked me to do another painting for mia of her and her teddy bear:) i couldn't have been happier:)

she adopted little mia (see the photo below) from guatemala and along with mia, came coco;) so, i take it, they have gone just about everywhere together...a little girl and her teddy bear are priceless at that age;) i tried to incorporate mia's little hair bows and darker skin tone in the painting. she really is a gorgeous little girl and laura is extremely blessed to have her made her a part of her family:)

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