Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a quick update...

no, i have not fallen off the face of the planet for everyone wondering why i haven't blogged recently! i am super busy working on some christmas orders! one is a portrait of a child for a dear friend of mine, another is a large ocean sunset painting for carsten for christmas as well as a sweet little piece called "our first christmas" which i am determined to finish in the next few days...for carsten also (BIG SURPRISE)! i thought it would be cute to frame a print of it and also a print of my piece entitled "lucky charm" which is also him and i and give it to him as one of his gifts for christmas:)
and...i've been working myself sooooo crazy lately that i even managed to pull a muscle in my right drawing shoulder/arm! it's from endless nights of being hunched over my drafting table til the wee hours of the morning! truly a labor of love right?;) so, with some motrin and a heating pad it's back to work i go!!!
stay tuned for these pieces i talked about above to be listed as soon as they are done:) which i hope is sooner than later;)

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