Thursday, October 22, 2009

"frozen"-illustration friday 10-16-09...and back from germany!!!

first things is an illustration i did last year entitled "peek-a-boo". i thought it fit this week's illustration friday theme of "frozen". that is little me behind the snowman in my signature favorite colors~pink and orange. i LOVE winter and snowmen so i thought this would be a cute little illustration for a winter card. i wound up using it for an educational poster for the canadian company called sharing books and it is available for download though their website at
second part of this blog...back from germany..with NO pictures...SORRY:( it was a whirlwind of a trip to say the very least!!! carsten's family was awesome and the language barrier had it's ups and downs, but for the most part, it was pretty easy to get along with them...considering my german was non-existent;)
the van gogh museum on sunday took a MAJOR back seat to the untimely and unexpected death of my paternal grandmom:( that was quite a horrific blow delivererd to me by my dad in the country of amsterdam thru a message! i was devistated to say the least and in the middle of a foreign country and completely helpless!!! i tried, for the sake of carsten to carry on with the trip to the van gogh museum bec i know we were in amsterdam for ONLY that reason. i couldn't let him down...he wanted me to see that place so badly considering it was my dream since i was a little girl. needless to say, it had hardly any impact bec i was so preoccupied with the news i had just received:( funeral services are tomorrow and back to work on monday! what a way to end my first trip abroad:(
i have so many things to pick up on starting monday when things hopefully resume to a normal state! hopefully there will be another opportunity to go to europe with carsten again:)
NOTE: wasn't real keen on the city of amsterdam but absolutely ADORED germany and the quaint little town of doerpen:))))


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your sad, sad news mingled with such a fun trip! Talk about timing!! I hope the funeral goes well. I'm so sorry! Beautiful illustration!!

  2. hey doodle...thanks so very much for the kind words of sympathy! thank God friday is OVER!!! now...back to work and the craziness of my "regular" schedule;) but you know what...i'll take it...especially after the last 2 weeks!!! working on some more nursery art this week...can't wait to pick up the brush and paint again:))))