Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"unfold" illustration friday 6-12-09

meet lily...she is one of my favorite new students who will be moving up to my class in september...and i can't wait!!! love this girl!!! she is soooooo cute:) i walked into her classroom last week and she was cutting out some hearts (or trying to anyway;))...hence this week's illustration friday piece! enjoy:)


  1. hearing the story makes it even cuter, nic!! btw - thinking about it earlier, really want you to have the "cute" one i did with the baby and dog at the window!! so, u r getting 2 gifts from me that saturday!! okay?? can't wait 'til it's here!!

  2. that's very cute. I am in PA too. are you a member of the scbwi? they have a conference in September and they just held an illustrators workshop in Philly at the beginning of this month