Thursday, December 27, 2018

New site, new logo, NEW LOOK.....

Well, in case you haven't seen the NEW LOOK of my brand, "the enchanted easel", here it is!!
I was going to wait until year, new start, new opportunities and all that good stuff, but me being the go getter, always ahead of my own goals kinda we are 4 days until the end of 2018 and I'm proud to introduce the new look for my brand.
Why the change from whimsical, big eyed girls and animals to dreamy, magical floral gardens? It just felt right. It just feels right. The beginning of 2018 was spent doing back to back commissions of the "older works" as I like to refer to them as now. All the time while painting those (which I still adore), I had these florals, these visions of these gardens in my head that just wouldn't. leave. me. alone. I mean, sleeping was not happening. I was dreaming them and would have to get out of bed and attempt something to get it out my head and onto the canvas. But, to no avail. I felt like I couldn't give those "visions" the attention they so rightfully deserved while painting the "older works".
If you know me personally, you know I am not a multitasker. I just don't do it well. I like to really dive in to one thing and do it so well that I can't do anything else. And, I like it that way. I am 110% full of fire and full of passion. Hey, I am a Leo after all.♌ We breathe fire. And right now, my passion and fire lies within these gardens. Full of abstract blooms and beautiful blossoms. I spent the latter half of this year painting nothing but them and I fell madly in love along the way.

I am so excited for the new opportunities that await me in 2019, Lord willing. I believe nothing comes for free and hard work will eventually pay off. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but it will. 
I sure hope you love these gardens as much as I do and that you'll welcome the new brand as kindly as you did the "older works". Thank you to all of my friends and supporters over the last ten years of building this brand. There really are no words to convey my gratefulness.
Now it's time to truly "bloom" were I have been planted.



Wednesday, December 5, 2018

HOLLY'S GARDENS...and my grand-pop

HOLLY'S GARDENS~a four piece collection inspired by my infinite love for the month of December, winter and my grand-pop. 

He was my world and we used to love watching the cardinals in the snow as well as always marveling at the beauty of snow covered holly berries. The contrast of the rich crimsons so striking against the pure white snow.
He loved red, winter, cardinals and so much more. A sculptor, a painter, a baker...a true artist in every sense of the word. My inspiration each and every day.

This collection is for him.

Gardens I and II are AVAILABLE in my Etsy shop, with III to come tonight and IV tomorrow.

These gardens are near and dear to my heart. I sure hope they bring you as much joy as they have bought for me.