Sunday, November 28, 2010

how sweet is she....

little miss daisy petal pixie in all her glory! this turned out better than i thought (which is always a good thing;)). she is FOR SALE as a REPRODUCTION/PRINT in my etsy shop at
also be sure to check out her pixie friends "blue belle" and "lily" also for sale in my shop.
up next is the beautiful oriental pixie "sakura"...the japanese cherry blossom petal pixie (and my favorite)!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lily~petal pixie #2

here is the second little pixie in my series entitled "petal pixies". her name is lily and her favorite flower is a beautiful calla lily. she carries a bouquet of them (which can be magical at times if she waves them a certain way;)). and of course, she wears them in her hair as well. lily's sweet little friend is a canary named sunshine. a REPRODUCTION of her can be found here in my etsy shop
and don't forget blue belle who can also be found in my shop.

coming up next will be beautiful little daisy...:)

"sneaky" illustration friday 11/19/10

an older piece from last year, but SO appropriate for this week's i.f. theme of "sneaky"!
me and my brother on christmas eve..."sneakin' a peek";)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

blue belle petal pixie

meet sweet little blue belle:) my first in a series i have designed entitled 'petal pixies'. she is for sale as REPRODUCTION in my etsy shop and ready to be framed and hung up in your little girl's room.
next up will be lilly...the calla lily petal pixie. be sure to check back soon...;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

meet lila and lily...

the last in my "petal pixie" series...for now anyway;) i need to start painting them for the holidays. i have decided to sell them in my etsy shop as REPRODUCTIONS with the pixie's name on it. i am actually already done painting blue belle and i will be posting her tomorrow!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

daisy and sakura~petal pixies

meet daisy and sakura...the 2 newest petal pixies:) i have a thing for ANYTHING japanese so i am really liking sakura (based of course on the tree of the same name). i intend to do a few more sketches of these cuties over the weekend and then get to painting them next week. just in time for the holidays! check out sweet little blue belle (seen in the pic below).

Monday, November 8, 2010

meet 'bluebelle'...

she is first in a series of little fairies i am designing called 'petal pixies'. as odd as this sounds, i was inspired by the color name of a yarn i was using while crocheting. just proves inspiration can be found anywhere at anytime! i intend to do a few more and paint them up and sell them as personalized prints in my etsy shop. i'm thinking they would make the cutest little christmas gift(s) for any little girl:)
also, i am thinking of making them available as custom paintings as well...sold as originals, not prints.
below, i have attached a very ROUGH colored pencil sketch of the colors i am planning on using once i pick up the paintbrush.

Monday, November 1, 2010

the latest...

i finally have gotten my new website/blog up and running at
here is where i will be posting all of my custom nursery art. some already for sale in my etsy shop at
and samples of some custom listings. occasionally i will post them here as well. i am trying to keep this blog for my illustrations and future projects (stamps, books, etc.) and i might even post some of my fine art here as well.
the cute little bears above are listed FOR SALE in my etsy shop and my first full set of paintings since my second surgery a few weeks ago. painting has been rather difficult and painful these last few weeks due to the posterior cut in the back of my neck, but i'm slowly getting back in the game. and ready to take on custom orders for the holidays!
once again, i give thanks to the amazing neurosurgeon who fixed me and made me all better...AGAIN! words truly escape me for this man...