Monday, June 20, 2016


starts TODAY!!! and, runs ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

wesbite re-design...DONE!

and i can't tell you how HAPPY i am to FINALLY be able to pick up the paintbrush again after a week of editing html and cropping and watermarking photos and staring at the 17" screen on my mac. SO ready to paint!!! :)

i am loving the new colors i have chosen for the site as well as the home page painting entitled, sakura dreamers, which i specifically designed with the new home page in mind. i LOVE sakura blossoms and elephants and dream in strawberry moons and cotton candy clouds (wait, don't we all? ;) )


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

it's that time again...

that time i usually set aside annually (or biannually in this case) to poke my eyes out and sprout a few more grey hairs than i'd probably like to admit. yes, it's website redo time. my most favorite thing to do. {insert sarcasm...and lots of it}

i digress, as it is something i don't exactly look forward to but am always grateful in the end that i took on. {did i mention i'd SO rather be at the easel...}

so....hopefully in about a week, i'll have a new site (and blog) with a bit of tweaking added in...and a grey hair or two. ;)

i can still be reached for commissions here as i'm working on setting up a new email addy to go with the site. also, my etsy shop is still open with an upcoming SUMMER SALE to be launched soon!

busy as a little buzzing bee (or tiny little tower of power, as i like to call myself ;) )...