Thursday, January 30, 2014

feeling wistful....

a sneak peek at the sketch for the next painting on the easel.

fulls sketch posted SOON! :)

such a boot girl....
©the enchanted easel 2014

hats and snowflakes...
©the enchanted easel 2014

with a wistful look in his eyes and his heart in his mouth...
©the enchanted easel 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

amongst friends...and new beginnings!

so happy to be done my first official painting of the new year! entitled "amongst friends" this piece is so special to me. and here's one of the reasons why....

most people know that i truly do not like surprises. seriously, i really don't. must be the structured, routine oriented, OCD side of me (well actually, that's pretty much most of me...and i'm totally ok with that). day, a bit over a month ago, i got a *surprise* knock on my door having to do with snow removal (go figure since i LOVE snow, the irony is almost too much to take). i work out of my's also my studio and i work VERY INTENSELY therefore *surprise* knocks on the door, well let's just say they don't make me happy. i had begun this beauty a week or so beforehand and already had the birch trees completely where i wanted them...nothing left to paint but the girl (whose name is Wimberly-just liked the name and i need to name everything). when the knock came, i had a VERY thinned down container of black paint in my hand (holding it at the top of a large 16x20 canvas-just resting my hand)....3 guesses what happened next (remember, i work "VERY INTENSELY"). i jumped sky high out of my chair and there went the black paint....dripping all down the already perfectly painted face of Wimberly. i was devastated. devastated. 

no matter how hard i tried to get it off....water, paper towels, my finger....NOTHING was working. painting on canvas is not quite like painting on wood. at least with wood it can be gessoed and sanded and gessoed and sanded and such. canvas is not that forgiving. and i have worked on canvas for YEARS and this type of incident never happened to me before. (well then again most people don't knock on my door unannounced). let me tell you, i cried for meant THAT much to me. usually i work all areas in a base coat of color and then build on those. this time i went straight for the back ground and the trees and perfected them before moving onto Wimberly (might go back to the *old* method after this one....). so, that was what made the decision to possibly start over on a new canvas a very hard decision to make, as i had already put weeks into the trees and starting to build Wimberly. 

after days of crying and losing sleep...and gessoing and sanding several times over a period of days (yes, i sanded canvas) i decided it was time wasted and THAT is not something i do well....waste time. so, i trucked outside, in my pj clad and ugg wearing little self, through lots of deep snow, over to the dumpster in the parking lot and was about to throw this out....because surely i could not have this reminder in my apartment/studio of a botched up painting, if you will (yeah, i don't do failure very well).  i just couldn't bear to look at it every day....(hence the dumpster option). it was that the dumpster....

that before my big brown eyes appeared a very small little cardinal perched atop the lid. i swear that bird looked at me as if to say "hey little girl....what do you think you're doing?!" it was then i heard my late grandfather say "you're being wasteful little girl (as he often used to say when i would attempt to throw out food i didn't eat-happened often)...don't you know what could be done with this?!" funny thing is, cardinals were OUR thing together, as was snow. must have been his december birthday. we ALWAYS used to count cardinals together outside, all bundled up, in the snow. best. times. ever. it was then, i knew, i HAD to save this painting!

and, that i did. took me longer than i wanted, but i did it. another couple rounds of gessoing and sanding (and boy did my right arm/hand take a beating through this) until the entire surface was perfectly ready for the face to be painted....again. mission accomplished!

 Wimberly is kind of like me i guess,  not a matter what the odds may be and despite all obstacles. 3 neck surgeries and here i am...still doing whatever it takes to keep the right arm painting (and drawing). and that in turn makes for the HAPPIEST NICOLE EVER! :)

so...i dedicate this painting, the first of the new year (and a bit of a new style) to my beloved grand pop, who taught me a few things in his time...mainly that life without passion is meaningless. (must have been the sculptor/artist in him).



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a sneak peek....

(well, a few of them actually) of the first official painting of mine for the new year! yay me...'cause she's all DONE! nothing left to do but a very large 16x20. lots of *stitching* in PS going on tonight. but that's ok, she's worth it! :)

©the enchanted easel 2014

©the enchanted easel 2014

©the enchanted easel 2014

check back tomorrow for the FINISHED PAINTING (PRINTS WILL BE FOR SALE)......and a very bittersweet story that goes along with it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014





Friday, January 17, 2014

almost done....

©the enchanted easel 2014

this raven haired beauty...which will make her my first official painting of 2014! :)

so excited to post the finished painting...very very SOON!

©the enchanted easel 2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

on the easel....

new year. new beginnings.
("amongst friends")

this little beauty will be my first painting of 2014...and i'm so excited for her! i promised myself that i kind of wanted something a bit different for the new year...a bit of a *change* if you will, but a small one at that. i knew i wanted to venture out more into the greeting card/small gallery like venues...maybe look into placing my designs onto calendars, mugs, tote bags, things such as that. i also knew that i wanted to change the faces of my characters a more with the eyes and add a sweet little mouth....basically MORE things to PAINT (and we know how HAPPY painting makes me!) so...

while not wanting to lose the whole anime-type feel of my work, i decided to keep with the very round heads (just switching that up by adding a bit of a slot for a chin) and by adding a mouth and a little connotation for a nose. i also softened up the cheek area...not a harsh half moon shape like my older work. the eyes on this beauty (named Wimberly...because i HAVE to name EVERYTHING) are closed (just like the sweet little cardinal friends of hers flying around). but still, i get a chance to do more with them than my previous work where the eyes were represented by 2 little black ovals.

i have a *thing* for winter, birch trees, snow and cardinals....hence this raven haired beauty (to be) and her adorable scarlet colored she is surely "amongst friends".