Tuesday, June 25, 2013

on the easel today....

a beautiful red head mermaid named Ruby, just in time for July with her little crustacean crab friend :)

i'm carefully getting back into the groove after three c-spine surgeries/fusions and painting is going a bit slower than usual, but i guess that's to be expected at this stage. just grateful to be able to pick up the brush at all!

i hope to be done little Ruby in the next few days, just in time for the new month of July next monday. not my favorite month. too darn hot!!! 

but, Ruby can be my saving grace for the month ;)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

beautiful little Wynter....

with her blue topaz hair, complete with a white poinsettia and some tiny little snowflakes. she is the mermaid for the month of....august? no. july? nah. DECEMBER!!! my FAVORITE month of the year!!!

love her. just sayin'....;)

she can be found FOR SALE here https://www.etsy.com/listing/153962963/wynter-mermaid-original-painting as an ORIGINAL. PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST, so please, don't hesitate to ask.

with all of this 90 degree weather ahead of us (yuck!), Wynter makes me think of cold December days and snowflakes. lots of them! :) 

illustration friday~children

i thought i'd share my sketches from the winter cover i did for SFC magazine last year. nothing like a little ring around the rosy with a group of children...and frosty of course ;)

seriously winter obsessed....i need to move to the arctic!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a bit of "wynter" in june...

well, a December mermaid named "Wynter" that is :)

she is the latest mermaid i am working on (and just about done actually). December is my favorite month of the year. always has been. must be my *thing* for winter, snow, cold weather, Christmas...i would be happy if it was December every day!

complete with a white poinsettia and some snowflakes in her blue topaz colored hair, Wynter will be FOR SALE shortly :)

check out some of the other mermaids in my shop....as well as the photos below of beautiful little Wynter in progress.

© the enchanted easel 2013

© the enchanted easel 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

another mermaid added to the series...

little garnet haired Claret.


Claret is the next mermaid to join my series of mythical little beauties. and, the first finished painting since my third neck fusion surgery, 6 wks ago. hard to believe it's been 6 weeks already. hoping the neck brace comes off this week, as painting with it on hasn't been exactly the most comfortable of experiences. but hey, no complaints, as long as the hand works :)

working on December's mermaid next (my favorite month of all)....appropriately named Wynter, based on the gorgeous gemstone, blue topaz.

a peek of Wynter can be found in the pics below. really looking forward to painting her....:)

© the enchanted easel 2013
© the enchanted easel 2013