Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"subtract"-illustration friday 3-20-09

this week's topic/word was "subtract". being a preschool teacher, i couldn't resist the obvious;) and i had to paint myself wearing my little uggs...of course! enjoy:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

huggle buggle hug-a-bug bear!

here is my 3rd collaboration with the wonderfully talented and kind j.r. poulter! LOVE THIS WOMAN!!! she writes the absolute CUTEST stuff and i am nothing short of amazed that she asks me to illustrate for her! i adore every chance that i get to work with her on these poster/poems for Sharing Books! thanks j.r...LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"legendary"-illustration friday 3-13-09

at first i thought this week's topic might be a bit difficult, but then after a couple minutes went by (and after that first cup of coffee-yes i can drink that first cup faster than you think;)), it came to me...mickey mouse is "legendary"! not to mention the obsession i have with all things disney;) i remember my professors in art school always grinding their teeth when i came in with mickey mouse in every shape and form you could imagine...charcoal renderings, typography, package design and my personal favorite (which i still have to this day), color theory class! that's where i pulled out all the stops and turned out a huge color wheel with 108 colors made from nothing but red, blue and yellow...and all in a quilt covering a little mickey mouse in his bed:) so i figured i would give this a shot for this week's topic! i didn't want to paint the actual mickey so i figured that the "legendary" sorceror's hat from fantasia might be enough to get the point across;) so here is my little mouse named myles dreaming of being a legend one day just like the one and only legend himself mickey mouse:) enjoy!

and here's the rough sketch!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"intricate"-illustration friday 3-6-09

here is my contribution to this week's Illustration Friday! the topic is "intricate" and the first thing that came to mind was me knitting something;) for those of who knit and /or crochet, we know that this can be some very "intricate" work at times! plus, it was just another excuse to use my signature pink and orange colors;) anytime one of my illustrations have a little girl dressed in pink and orange, you can be sure it's definitely a self-portrait;) those are my absolute favorite colors and yes, i really do have slippers like that;) the title for this piece is "nicki knits"! enjoy:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"breezy"-illustration friday 2-27-09

meet breezy...she is my contribution to illustration friday for 2/27/09! the topic for the week was the word "breezy" and this is the first thing i thought of when i thought of that word! she's a sweet little girl running through a field of daisies barefoot and "breezy";) this is my first contribution to illustration friday and have always wanted to give it a go! i have also attached my pencil sketch bec i always think it's neat to see how a piece begins in the rough stages! i eliminated the flowers on her dress bec it was too much...but other than that, everything is exactly the same! i truly do love this little piece...and it's just in time for spring! enjoy:)