Wednesday, April 17, 2013

graceful little June....

all decked out in her pearls.

this will be the last mermaid/finished painting i post for a while, as i will be having some neck surgery next week and laying off the painting arm. for a bit...

i hope to be able to post some random sketches of cuteness throughout the recovery process, done from my couch. until i can get back to the *enchantment* that awaits at my easel, that is ;)

June is FOR SALE here:
along with a few other mermaids that can be found in my shop.

hope to be back to painting sooner rather than later!

until then....

happy painting friends!!! :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

a garnet haired mermaid named claret....

january's mermaid.

i haven't been blogging (or painting much for that matter) as i am waiting to have a cervical spine fusion in the next week. don't ask...

anyhoo, i'm trying to take it easy (which is next to impossible for me) and paint a little bit at a time, as i have pain that shoots all the way down my painting arm. needless to say the last few weeks have been pretty challenging.

i've had this beauty drawn up for a bit now and have slowly been working on her. hoping to have her done before the surgery and posted FOR SALE.

after that, i'll be taking it a bit slower than usual for a while as i will be constrained to a neck brace for a few weeks. so during that time, even if i can't work at the easel, i will hopefully be able to draw and sketch from my couch.

then i'll be back better and stronger than ever 'cause my drive definitely outweighs my small size!;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

little olivine...

featured in this lovely mermaid treasury found here:

i love how humbling it is to be recognized by other artists and i love the opportunity etsy provides by allowing artists of all types to share their gift with the world. 

as for little olivine here, i am so emotionally attached to this little mermaid. i mean art for me is always an emotional attachment. i sometimes wonder if you have to be another one of *us* to really understand that. that feeling of if you can't paint/draw/create, that you can't survive. that is how i feel every single day of my life and i live and breathe to do it and i do it to live and breathe. without it there is nothing. not for me anyway. no amount of money or anything/anyone could take it's place. it's not only a part of is ALL of me. 

with that being said, when little olivine sells, i will shed some tears for sure. bittersweet ones, knowing that she will be making some little girl very happy. besides, she can't live in my studio forever...and she's always in my heart because that's where she came from to begin with :)

such a sap, i know...

speaking of mermaids, i'm still working on the whole series, just having some neck and arm pain right now so trying to take it easy a bit. which is something that does not come easy for me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

batter up!

and so today baseball season officially begins! yay! 

i "heart" baseball :)


so, i say on this first official day of baseball...BATTER UP!!!