Thursday, July 30, 2009

"idle"~illustration friday 7-24-09

here is this week's contribution for i.f.! okay, you might be thinking exactly how this says "idle"...well, it could definitely be "longing" or something else along those lines i suppose. however, i figured the little boy on the see-saw is "idle" because he is missing his little friend on the other side so possibly his heart is in the "idle" state:( also, the see-saw is "idle" because there is only one person on it.
this is the same little boy in "talisman" and "adapt"...can you tell last week was a rough week for me due to this latest illustration?:( it always comes out in my art...i guess that's somewhat of a double-edge sword! anyhow, enjoy:)

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  1. wow, really do put your heart into your paintings! i wish you would talk to me even a fraction of what you used to so that i know that you are doing okay...

    AWESOME WORK AS ALWAYS (i actually skipped a week for once)