Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"adapt"-illustration friday 5-29-09

it's soooo nice to be able to participate in illustration friday this week! after doing some custom work for the last few weeks, it's nice to be back and challenge myself with the new topic "adapt"...although i can't say it was too much of a challenge;) this is my boyfriend and i...and as you can see he is a bit taller than myself;) so, in order to "adapt" to him, i am standing on my little orange step stool on my tippy-toes to reach him! cute, right?;) these are the same 2 characters in my piece for the topic of "talisman" (also done for him)! ). his birthday was this past friday (5-29), so it just seemed like the perfect way to put him into my art...especially on his birthday:) tall and blond and smart(he is a scientist)...with his german accent...i soooooo lucked out;) enjoy!


  1. so happy for you, art-sis!! your art is always so cute!!

  2. cute picture - and I'm sure he considers himself lucky as well!
    Best of luck with your dreams.

  3. thank you mike:) it means the world to me!
    magicmarkings...let's hope he considers himself lucky;) seriously...thanks for the sweet words:) best of luck to you as well!