Sunday, July 19, 2009



i am ECSTATIC to say that my website is finally done, up and running...yay for me!!! it definitely wasn't the easiest of things i have ever done (even though i have schooling in graphic design and desktop publishing)! i am sooooo relieved that it's all done...and before my goal of august 1st (even better)! i used a great company called homestead and i highly recommend them if you are thinking of doing your own website as well. they are there all the time to help you with anything! really awesome people:) although, i have to say, i didn't use them for help...or anyone actually...i have to give myself some props, right?;)
anyway, i hope everyone will check it out and tell me what they think...please! just be gentle, it's the only time i have ever done any website design/work! there is a link to take you back here to leave any comments you may have! thank you so much for looking:)

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