Monday, July 6, 2015

"sitting pretty"....

on a Monday night! :)

this little sweetie goes by the name Sunshine (well, she is bright, cheery and yellow like the sun....) and is one in a small series of cute little birds.


{an adorable little bluebird is up next....}

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a little morsel of sunshine....

©the enchanted easel 2015
on a stormy tuesday night! :)

{and wow, have the last few tuesday nights been quite wet! maybe i should be painting an it winter yet?!}

ok, i digress. back to this little guy....i'm currently working on a few small square canvases (6'x6" to be exact) of adorable little birds. i'm thinking 3...maybe 4, max. the original paintings will be FOR SALE individually and listed as soon as each are complete.

had to start with the "yellow" bird first, of course. 
{i swear Coldplay has nothing to do with this...;)}

©the enchanted easel 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

a woman after my own heart....

"ribbons undone"
©the enchanted easel 
for sure!

this little treasury is everything. anyone who curates a treasury based on Tori Amos songs, well that's someone i just instantly have to show some love for! and, including MY tribute painting to Tori? happy...and humbled. :)

this painting form last year, entitled "ribbons undone" (named after the Tori song of the same name, of course) is one of my favorites. visit my etsy shop to purchase a print of her or a cute little compact mirror (only ONE left...) . also, over at fine art america, you can purchase this piece on a multitude of awesome products....from tote bags to duvet covers.

and, just because we are talking about Tori here, well here's the inspiration for this piece....:)

Friday, June 26, 2015

meet Flora....

flora~original drawing
7x9 graphite on bristol
©the enchanted easel 2015
the first in a series of three summer/flower girls i will be releasing FOR SALE this summer.

*NOTE~this is an ORIGINAL DRAWING not a print. i will not be selling prints until the original drawing is sold. you can find here FOR SALE here.

also, in my etsy shop, i have three winter girls (ORIGINAL DRAWINGS) available. try not to be biased but they are my favorite. well of course they are, they represent of my obsessions (because God knows i have a few of those...;) )

ok, back to business.....i have also added share buttons to the images here in my blog. i have been trying to add pinterest buttons to the gallery images on my site but due to the format (carousel) i have the images displayed in, well that's the only format in which the pinterest buttons do not want to play nice. kind of stuck on the carousel format so i apologize for the lack of ease in sharing any images you may love on my site onto your pinterest pages. please feel free to share from my blog here though...if the mood strikes you. always remember, ALL of my images belong solely to ME. NONE of them are to be reproduced by anyone but myself. i see lots of artists have their hard work taken by others unknowingly and popping up all over the internet without consent/permission. so wrong but don't get me started....

so now that Flora has made her little debut this first full week of summer (thank you God for the gift of air conditioning....) her lovely little friends, Camillia and Blossom will be following...soon! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

illustration friday ~ "small"

aoi kokeshi
a perfect submission for this week's IF theme....tiny little treasures known as kokeshi dolls.

painted a series of four of these beauties last year. three remain FOR SALE. one already SOLD. 

midori kokeshi

kiiro kokeshi

akai kokeshi
proof that good things do indeed come in small packages....;)

Monday, June 22, 2015

SUMMER (time) = SALE (time)....

on what else? mermaids, of course! :)

ALL things MERMAID are ON SALE in my shop....ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

{sale includes any CUSTOM MERMAID commissions between now and labor day!}

Friday, June 19, 2015

nothing like a little shameless self promotion....

when carting around your sketchbook and pencils! ;)

{thanks, fine art america for a wonderful print job and super cute bag...minus the poor photography skills on my part, that is.}