Friday, August 26, 2016

busy little bee....

these last couple of weeks. working on multiple paintings at once. and that's just the way i like it. :)

for starters, i finally got around to finishing up this little red head beauty. along with some blue poppies, this is one of my favorites. i worked on a 4"x12" odd size for me but i wanted to challenge myself, combustion wise. really liking the way it turned out. plus, it included two of my favorite heads and blue poppies. rare beauties, indeed. i'll be sharing the finished piece next week. prints will be available then as well.

also, i've been thinking about doing a small series of mixed media animals for quite a bit. i have SO many art supplies in my home/studio well, it's like Michael's, AC Moore and Dick Blick in on humble little abode. from scrapbook papers to every kind of pencil/paint/pastel known to man....i figured it was time to stop staring at all of them and DO SOMETHING with them. below are some sneak peeks....

hopefully, emerging from all this creative chaos will be a cute series of fall themed animals. stay tuned....

Friday, August 12, 2016

Happy World Elephant Day!

a day that should be celebrated everyday, in my opinion. how much more awesome would it have been if it was yesterday on my birthday?! my most favorite animal sharing a special day with me... hmm, i'll have to tell the higher ups to contemplate changing the date perhaps...;)

a crop from my painting Sakura Dreamers. prints available here. I LOVE ELEPHANTS about as much as i love PEYTON MANNING. and THAT my friends is A LOT!!! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

all or nothing!

to know me is to know that i never do anything halfway...all or nothing mentality for me. when i decided that i wanted to make and sell my own pendant necklaces come this september well, naturally i had to design my own little cards on which to place them. thanks, visatprint for yet another bang up job! 

sweet pendant necklaces coming this september to my etsy shop. super stoked!