Monday, June 11, 2018

A little dive into my creative process for my current commission...

when a sweet friend of mine approached me a couple of weeks ago for a custom painting for her niece who loves softball and isn't very "girly", I immediately thought-this probably isn't the commission for me. It seems my work has gone down a much more "girly" path both subconsciously and consciously. Definitely a true reflection of the artist. 🎀
Despite the internal struggle of not wanting to say not to a friend for fear of not being able to do her request justice, I took it as a challenge of sorts. I knew that the jersey number was 12 and that the university colors are maroon and gold. Of course, my vision didn't include a jersey with the number 12. I was thinking some sort of whimsical dress, as usual. But wait, she's a tomboy. A dress could be problem. 😔
In that moment, I had to apply the principal that gets me through every single time I run into the creative proverbial "brick wall". Question-what do I do best (or feel I do best)? Answer-whimsical girls, cute animals and flowers. Lots of flowers. Once I get back on that page, the lightbulb goes off. Fast forward to the finished sketch for the painting...
a sweet little mascot of a bear and styling' tee shirt patchwork flare jeans wearing girl. Just chilling' in a patch of 12 sunflowers after their little game of softball. {Note the extra tiny sunflower on her jeans. It's like a baker's dozen. 😉}
Creative brick wall-demolished. Sweet friend-very, very happy.