Monday, May 28, 2012

ahhh....winter, how i miss you so!

i just realized i forgot to post this sketch from a week ago. oops....

well, as we all know, i have a *thing* for WINTER! yes, people, i said WINTER! to be quite honest, it's more than a *thing*. i'm madly in love with the season and all of it's pristine beauty. i could on and on and on....but i'll spare everyone the details of this life-long love affair...;)

so, i had this *scene* in my head for a bit of a time, of a raven haired girl named wimberly (awesome name right? i have to name EVERYTHING. don't ask me why....) ANYWAY....i have always loved white birch trees, cardinals, and....(wait for it....wait for it...) SNOW!!!

i'm so excited to be working LARGE again at my easel (the *enchanted easel*). this beauty stands 24" high and 18" wide and i am having the best time painting her. down below is a pic in progress. i'm balancing this with a few other custom orders, so she may not be done right away, but she will be done! then, she will be FOR SALE as an ORIGINAL piece of art.

i'm loving my cool themed color scheme here....from steel blues and grays to white and ivorys with the only pop of color coming from the adorable red cardinals and the raven black of wimberly's hair.

...because in nicole's world, it's WINTER EVERYDAY!:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

jump on board....

 ...the S.S. Aiden, in search of not only buried treasure, but a mischeivous little monkey named Mac (short for Macaroon) who obviously loves to play hide and seek ;)

silly monkey.....

a sketch for a custom painting for my step-mom's friend who is expecting a baby boy in the next month. guess what his name is going to be.....?;)

i'll be transferring this to the canvas and painting it soon! first time i ever did a pirate! loving the eye patch and little hook hand!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

illustration friday~sight

as she peered out the window of her room, she was in awe of the bright, almost blinding light of the moon. "what a SIGHT!" she thought to herself, as she slowly began to talk to that moon, hoping that he would hear her every wish. and maybe, just maybe, one of those wishes would come true!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 i don't usually post my fine arts here....

but i've been dying to *share* this since it's a SURPRISE, i can't post it on facebook....just yet anyway;)
it's a portrait of a friend i went to high school with. his sister comissioned me to do a special portrait of him for his retirement from the Marines this coming june.
so, Capt. Charles M. Hemcher III, thank you for your service to our country for the last 20 years! i hope this portrait is a constant reminder of the sacrifices you have made and the pride you bring to this country!
congratulations on a job well done "Chip"!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

~HaPpY MoTheR's DaY~

on behalf of all the little kids out there who try to help their mommies in their own *special* way...;)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

illustration friday~jump

chloe was so elated to see the first signs of spring in the air (literally) that she could not contain her herself..."spring is here!" she shouted to her little snail she "jump(ed)" for joy amongst the pastel polka dotted butterflies!

this piece (along with it's other half) is FOR SALE as a REPRODUCTION in my etsy shop here

who knew there were butterflies in mint green and cotton candy pink...?!;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

cute little elephants with bows on their tails...?!

you bet! it just goes like that in nicole's world...;)
AND...i have a *thing* for elephants....especially CUTE PINK ones!:)
this pair is available FOR SALE here:
the latest addition to a series of nursery art canvas sets i am working on. there are more FOR SALE here:
did i mention that i love elephants....;)