Thursday, July 26, 2012

illustration friday~carry

now THERE'S a clever way to carry some apples....;)

a recipe i did last october for the wonderful nate and salli over at

it can be seen in full size view here....


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i've been terrible at updating this blog in the last couple of weeks....lots of custom work (and that's a GREAT thing!)

i am currently working on some custom pieces....2 boys and 1 for a little girl....who LOVES herself some ladybugs. and don't we all....;)

one of the little boy piece's i am working on his for a baby named shane who loves trucks. i decided to incorporate some airplanes and toys and blocks. that way i could place his name on the blocks....not like he would ever forget it or anything....

the other boy piece i am working on is for my a newborn named grady. his nursery is all about the great american game of baseball. still in the process of finishing that sketch...almost done.

and last, but certainly not least, i am working on a piece for a little girl named lauren. she has this *thing* for ladybugs. so, her mom sent me over some pics of her bedding and i incorporated the flowers into the sketch.

shane and lauren's sketches are below. almost done grady's....

whew! lots to do!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

illustration friday~lost

lost in the woods?! not with friends like this...:)

a sketch for a painting i am working on (in between a few custom orders....just a few). this lovely piece satisfies my need for some serious cold weather and SNOW, as it is just WAY TOO HOT lately. of course, then again, summer is NOT my season. snow bunny all the way!:)

p.s. i have a *thing* for white birch trees and cardinals. i just a have a *thing* for WINTER in general. big surprise....;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

ophelia and olivia owls...FOR SALE

well, i've been busy working on re-doing the website (which is DONE-thank God). i had to keep myself *sane* in the how do i do that?! i PAINT! and then, all is right with the world:)

i LOVE painting nursery art for little kids (as i have an obsession with cute bedding AND could be locked in babies r us for days on end).

i came across the bedding below called In The Woods and i HAD to paint my version of those cute little owls. AND what made it completely irresistible to and two favorite colors!:)

please feel free to buy them. they are kinda CUTE....;)

Friday, July 6, 2012


 thank GOD! now i can go back to PAINTING :)

i am proud of myself for putting this site together all by my little self. and let me tell you, it was no easy task. like tuesday...i put in 20 hours...STRAIGHT! yeah, i'm determined like that ;)

have a look and let me (and pippa) know what you think....

Monday, July 2, 2012


well, because i am on a mission to constantly better myself and my work, i promised myself i would re-design/re-do my website every year around this time.

and so it appears the time has come once again. and i just love making new *projects* for myself and making my plate so full that i can barely sleep at night because my head is bursting with idea after idea after idea....well you get the point...;) really no big surprise considering as a small child i had a hard time *resting*. it's the over-abundance of drive i suppose. but hey, NO COMPLAINTS from me! i'm a big believer in pushing yourself to be the best you can possibly be....

and for me, that is constantly growing as an artist and illustrator. so....within the next week, i will be re-doing the website over at (which is now "under construction"). i just wanted to feature little pippa and change up some of the layout and colors. oh, and i did i mention they went and changed their software?! let's just say that i have my work cut out for me!

although i do have a bachelor's in graphic design (as well as fine arts) i am NO FAN of web design....or any computer design. i'm old school...pencil, paintbrush, canvas, sketchbook. because....that's just how pippa and i roll...;)

oh, and new website means new blog. like i said, i love a full plate!:)