Thursday, January 27, 2011

jungle love...mommy and baby:)

so here is my latest custom piece i am working on now. it is for my step-mom's niece and one of the CUTEST babies ever! seriously....just look at those CHEEKS!!! i don't how you can live with such cuteness and not squeeze the hell out of him:)
this is the second piece i have done for little carter...the first one being a giraffe as well. (yeah, he likes his giraffes). however, alexis came to me with a quote and wanted to know what i could do with it. here is the quote;
"Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of love." - Maureen Hawkins
well, i knew his love of giraffes and his nuzzling with his mommy-cheek to cheek. so....this is what i came up with. i am going to cut the quote into 2 sections and place it in the rectangle boxes located on the pencil sketch.
i hope they love it!:)

Monday, January 24, 2011

sarah's elephant

meet sarah's little elephant:) this is a comissioned piece i just finished up for a baby girl named sarah. it was done to coordinate with her jungle themed bedding and just an S was requested as opposed to the whole name. i LOVE to comp letters by hand! such a lost art but i love all kinds of typography!:) all i have left to do for this painting is attach the sweet pink satin ribbon for hanging.
i am selling prints of this piece over in my etsy shop at
hopefully, if time allows, i will be able to do more letters of the alphabet.
next project, a mommy and baby giraffe for my step-mom's niece and her ADORABLE baby carter!:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

finally the finished piece...

wish. hope. believe!
i am so proud of this piece...especially knowing where it is going! thank you to mike and holly devenney (
for giving me the opportunity to partake in such a wonderful cause for thier sweet little niece josie basta. as i have said before, she is waiting on a heart down at AI DuPont hospital. this piece is set be auctioned off for her cause.
along with the painting, the devenneys also asked me to design a logo for them that they could put on tshirts and other promotional materials for josie. below is the logo i designed. we knew we wanted the word "believe" to be a part of it as well as something kid-drawn. so, i came up with a simple but effective kid-drawn heart along with the word "believe" with a little star for the "i". AND it keeps with the theme of the painting!
i hope that this piece brings so much happiness and joy to the child whose mommy and/or daddy purchases it. and, above all, i wish, hope and believe that josie will get her new heart and she will be better than ever!:)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

illustration friday~chicken

here is my contribution to this week's illustration friday topic~chicken. it is one of three custom pieces i did last march for my girlfriend from high school who is now..a vegan (hence the illsutration). i thoughtit would be cute to make the animals her friends...considering she no longer eats them;) and so "2 cute 2 eat" was born.
below are the other 2 pieces i did for her. one of her and her boyfriend scott (who has since become her fiancee) and their cats murphy and ninja. the other is for the lennon and oko fans that they are...and BIG ones at that;) AND i'm happy to say that they have chosen that piece to be their "save the dates" for their upcoming wedding:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

S is for sarah

here is a comissioned piece i am working on (at the same time as 2 others-no complaints though. it for a baby girl named sarah who has a jungle theme in her room. my friend jessica wanted the letter S with one of the animals from the bedding. i chose the elephant for a selfish reason...they are my favorite;) especially baby ones like this.
i am also working on a special piece that includes a mommy and baby giraffe...and a sweet quote which was the basis for the painting/idea.
ALSO...i am working on finishing that beautiful piece "wish. hope. believe!" for the cause for josie (see the website posted here) i will be posting the finished piece this week so be sure to check back...:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

you're never too tall for a bear hug:)

meet towers the giraffe and his bestest buddy bailey the bear cub. they do everything together...despite their height differences;)
i am so glad i got this done today despite some spasms in my neck still due to the cerviccal fusion a few months ago:( but, the show must go...
yrou can find it FOR SALE here in my etsy shop and very soon in my zazzle shop at on different products.
next up...the piece i am doing for the charity for a sweet little girl named josie.

i can't wait to start painting this...:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

wish. hope. believe!

is the title of my newest painting. it is a comissioned piece for a great great cause! the family of a student i taught last year recently asked me to create some designs for them and a cause that is very dear to their hearts. it is the story of their niece and she is waiting on a heart at AI Dupont hopsital. please see the link below to read all about her courageous battle. such a brave little girl!
when they asked me to help them out by creating some pieces for them, i couldn't say "yes" fast enough! to know that my art can not only make little josie smile, but possibly bring in some money for her cause, humbles me beyond words.
this sketch is for a painting to be matted and framed and auctioned off. also, i have been asked to do a logo/design that will be able to be used on tshirts and such to promote their 5K run for the cause. also, i will be framing a print of the painting so that they can donate it to AI Dupont for everything they have done for little josie.
stay tuned for the logo sketch as well as the finished painting of "wish. hope. believe!" in the following week. i am very excited to be able to help out!:)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 progress;) progress!;)
i don't usually post my work in stages, but i've gotten so many requests to see "how i work". so here it is...i suppose it's not SO bad;) i'm just such a perfectionist, that i only like to unveil the original sketch...and the finished painting of course.
but, there's a always a first time for everything...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

meet towers and bailey...

proof that you're never too tall for a bear hug;)
these 2 cuties are part of a series of animals i am working on for some nursery art paintings/illustrations. i can't wait to add more cuties to the menagerie and start painting them...
i "heart all things CUTE;)
btw, these pencils are my latest obsession! i love the look of tinted graphite and i love the way you can add water to them if you wish for a wash of slight color. the indigo and aubergine pencils are my the colors!

Monday, January 3, 2011

happiness is...

this sweet little painting illustrates one of my favorite wonders of winter...SNOW! it's just a happy little winter scene that i couldn't wait to paint!:)
it is available as a reproduction in my etsy shop here;
AND...IN MY NEW ZAZZLE SHOP!!! i have it listed so far as a magnet there as well as a sweet little friendly greeting card
it is going to take some time to set up shop over at zazzle...but i'm getting there!