Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs...

that's what i have been working on in the last few weeks since my last post...and a few other things as well! these 3 pieces were a custom order for a friend of one of my friends on facebook (gotta love the recognition from fb;))! anyway, they were a surprise for a lady for her 3 boys from her husband (nice guy, huh?). he wanted 3 plant-eating dinosaurs with his sons on each one in my "cartoon-like style", as he called it;) so here they are...FINALLY!!! i look forward to getting back to my illustration fridays next week!!! enjoy:)


  1. Nic.....these are so, so, so cute!! I love the kids....and the dinosaurs are adorable!!!!! can totally see why you've been SO BUSY. i do look forward to you getting back into I.F. - i missed you there!! LOL!!

  2. since i wrote the above comment @ your blog, just read it again here!! LOL!!

  3. the dinos are REAL cute! have you thought of doing a fine outline to make them stand out from the background a touch more???