Thursday, April 29, 2010

gwen's room...ALL DONE!!! baby gwen's room is all done!!! this is the third and final painting in her little custom designed trio. i LOVE all three of these pieces (see the left and right ones below)! this is also my FIRST attempt at 'stitching' together a scan in photoshop. it's not completely flawless (seam-wise), but as i said...FIRST ATTEMPT!! i'm sure there will be many more opportunities to practice my 'stitching' skills;)
***note the little polka dots on her hat...they match the ones in her crib bedding (see attached photo)***
hopefully this weekend i can work on sketching out my little series of cherry blossom illustrations...

©the enchanted easel

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

left and right panel for gwen's room...DONE!

here are the 2 finished paintings for gwen's room:) i got them done quicker than i thought i would...yay!!! 2 down an 1 left to go which is going to be the larger middle panel. after, all 3 will get a gorgeous chocolate brown ribbon attached to them for hanging:)
i just started working on a series of sketches today of a little girl (ME) amongst cherry blossom tree(s). i am OBSESSED with these beautiful trees!!! i took my preschool class on a little field trip to a fish pond and took numerous photos of this one cherry tree. i have posted a few below...just GORGEOUS! hence the 'inspiritation' for my little sketching frenzy;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sketches for gwen's room

here is one of my latest projects! it is a trio of sweet little paintings for an adorable baby named gwen:)
her room is pink and green with some white and brown accents (see attached photo).

i designed "gwen" in three different positions with a baby bird and butterfly in the left and right panels and the middle panel with her in a field of flowers (NOTE: the flowers in all the panels mimic the ones on her cribbing).
all three pieces will be worked in ONLY pinks, greens, browns and whites/off-whites...except for the flesh color of her skin. also, a gorgeous chocolate brown satin ribbon will be attached for hanging...and extra cuteness;)
i will be adding ALL and ONLY my nursery art to a new blog i am trying to set up for that purpose...the business of my growing little nursery art business which i am trying to keep seperate from my children's illustrations.
stay tuned for the new blog and gwen's finished pieces...or each piece as it is completed...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

tony and his little giraffe:)

a sweet little piece of nursery art for a friend of a friend's:) she wanted something to commerate her son's first birthday and told me he sleeps with a little blue and tan giraffe AND wears this adorable here's what i came up with for his birthday present:)
AND...since i happen to do a pretty good job at selling custom nursery art, i have decided to open up another blog page/web page for ONLY my NURSERY ART business. i am in the process of setting it up in the next couple of weeks. it will be seperate from my children's illustrations yet both are still available in my etsy shop at