Saturday, February 28, 2009


it's been such a crazy month (as i posted in the entry underneath this one), that i forgot to post this! this is a poster i did for sharing books a couple of weeks ago! i actually did the writing too...multi-talented;) i love how this turned out:) i put it together in photoshop elements and am really proud of it! i actually downloaded it off the site and hung it in my classroom and the kids just went crazy when they found out that "miss nicole" drew it;)

fruity beauties! THE FINAL RESULT


it has been forever (or so it seems) since my last entry...what a month!!! finishing this up a couple of weeks ago was not as easy as i thought it was going to be:( i had to figure out my way around photoshop elements to put it together and then, j.r. and i decided that after all this, it would serve the art better to be in the form of a mini-book! a mini-book?! are you kidding me?! this poster took FOREVER!!! however, i will have to find some time to figure out the book formatting thing. in between the poster came the dreadfully painful wisdom teeth removal surgery:( SO NOT EXPECTED AND TOTALLY LAST MINUTE!!!! needless to say, it has been a crazy few weeks! hopefully soon i am going to figure out how to transform that poster into the mini-book that j.r. mentioned. all in all, i love these little characters that i came up with for her cute little poem "fruity beauties"! this week i promised myself to work on my first illustration for "illustration friday". i have never done one and am so excited to give it a go:) this week's word is "breezy" and i already did the sketch..just have to paint it:) that's my project for this week (amongst teaching the kids all about color and dr. suess in our weekly theme "our many colored days")! i'll be back with the my first "illustration friday" piece as soon as it's done:)