Thursday, December 2, 2010

sakura~the japanese cherry blossom pixie

here is another addition to my 'petal pixie' series...and undoubtedly my absolute favorite one! anyone who knows me knows i am obsessed with all things japanese/chinese...seriously! and i am crazy, crazy, crazy about cherry blossom trees. especially the japanese sakura trees...they are just gorgeous and the smell is intoxicating. one day i hope to be able to travel to japan. it has always been my dream destination place. the culture, the beauty, the simplicty...i am fascinated by all of it. so little sakura here is my homage to those lovely trees/flowers. oh, and it's also the only perfume i wear;)
next up is my final 'petal pixie' for a while...lila.

then it's time to make a few special christmas being a large, mixed media canvas which i am excited to do!

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