Monday, December 20, 2010

yes, i do fine arts too...

here is something a little different (from my children's art). i just finished it and wanted to post it here...until i get the time to put another blog together for my fine arts. i am trained in fine arts so this is another side of me that i love just as much as my children's art. i thank God for the ability to do both and consider myself extremely blessed!
this is entitled "whispering amongst the tree...the melodious song of love". and no, it's not for sale (sorry). it is done on 2 16x20 canvases and uses acrylics as well as collage material. i had lots of fun using a palette knife to paint the tree:) i hope to be able to do more fine arts in 2011...that i will be selling.
stay tuned for yet another blog devoted just to my fine arts...

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