Thursday, July 1, 2010

this week's illustration friday~"satellite" 6/25/10

this is my illustration entitled "alistair and the spy glass" and i thought it fit this week's i.f. theme of "satellite" perfectly. this is my FAVORITE piece to date! i love how little alistair has his little pet turtle apollo at his side as he spies all the wonders of the universe with his little red spy glass! this piece just makes me happy:) one day i would love to be able to base a whole book around this little character and his pet turtle...and his spy glass, of course...;)
prints of this are for sale in my etsy shop:


  1. Very original, love the colors

  2. thank you's my favorite piece:)

  3. I love it!.. Big fan of shooting stars too!.. Really good!.. =)