Thursday, July 29, 2010

cameron's nursery art...REVISED! c is no longer for cameron or castle...or crab! why?! because my step-mom had the wrong bedding...oops;) there is no crab or castle in the bedding (as i got the frantic phone call the other night to "stop the painting...there is no crab in this bedding!) but...there is an owl. so i thought it would be cute to have the owl in the tree watching over little cameron as he read's his abc's and 123's underneath the tree! and of course...a little birdy is keeping a close eye on him as well...;)
i actually like this soon-to-be painting better than the castele and crab one...not a big fan of the beach anyway;)
oh...and i have no photo to post of the bedding because it has become known as the "mystery bedding" be it that we can't seem to locate it anywhere. hmmm...
but...i know there's an owl in it and that's enoughh for me!

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