Sunday, July 18, 2010

happily ever after...christy and brian!

this is what i worked on this weekend...a recreation of my piece "happily ever after" for my friend christy and her husband brian. the wedding was this past saturday and i was so incredibly bummed out that i couldn't attend due to my shoulder/neck injury:( i really wanted to go!!! so i had to do something extra-special and i am so happy with the way this turned out:) the dress and veil is spot-on to christy's and i threw in an extra touch of cuteness for brian with the bow tie as opposed to the regular one he wore;) the clover green of the background is homage to the maid-of-honor's dress color. i am SUPER excited to give this to them!!! all i have left to do is cut a mat and put their names and wedding date on it, then frame it and wrap it! i hope they love it!!!
by the way, prints of the original "happily ever after" are sold in my etsy shop:)


  1. Very nice. Great way to personalize it! Sorry about not being able to attend. i hope you are mending well. God bless you Nicole!

  2. awww...thanks so much jack! it's been rough..still trying to igure out if it's a pinched nerve or slipped disk:( doctor's appt. tomorrow and hopefully and mri is slated SOON!
    i can't wait to give this to makes every ounce of pain that shoots down my drawing arm/hand so worth it when i think of seeing christy's face:))))
    thanks for the well wishes!!!