Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ellen's custom angel

i've been crazy busy filling custom order this last week...even with a pinched nerve which shoots right down my drawing arm:( but still, the show must go on! i love painting these little angels and the boy ones are actually my favorite. this was for a sweet little baby girl named ellen and i loved every second of custom creating this for her!
next up is putting the letters on the giraffe posted below (we finally found out the name of the baby "carter")...


  1. 'Ellen' came out great! Really like the color! Actually for some reason it's one of my favorites of yours although there are many, I like what you did with the dress.. Can't wait to see how Carters picture looks finished, been waiting for that one!.. Hope your pinched nerve feels better soon, no fun at all trying to paint when thats happening, I'm so sorry to hear that it's still bothering you...

  2. thank you so much jeremy!!! i didn't really think it was that great, but i'm happy you think so:)
    carter's giraffe will be done this week!