Monday, May 24, 2010

just a little something for my grand-pop...

up in heaven:(
yesterday was the anniversary of his death...the worst day ever for me! so, i wanted to do something for my own little way...and this is what i came up with. i always remember praying on my knees every night before i went to sleep (the good little catholic girl i am) in my pink room. AND...i ALWAYS had white furniture...and still do...;)
hopefully my grand-pop is looking down and can see this little illustration made JUST FOR HIM! I LOVE YOU POP-POP!!!


  1. This is beautiful!.. =)

  2. I'm sure he is Nicole and he's smiling. Great tribute. Love your version of Snow White too.

  3. jeremy...hearts and kisses:)
    jack...thanks so much! it means the world to me as did my grand-pop. thank you for looking and taking the time to comment!