Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sketches for more custom nursery art...YAY!!!

lots and lots of custom work going on in the next couple of weeks for me...adn believe me, i am NOT complaining...i LOVE to do it!
a customer from etsy asked me if i could design 2 paintings for her baby girl due in a couple weeks. the bedding is 'ladybug lullabye' by the bedding co. 'nojo'. she wanted something similar to pieces i had done a month or so ago for a baby named gwen. after studying the bedding to get down the butterflies and ladybugs exactly, this is what i came up with. i am so excited to get my brush in that paint for these:)
hmmm...maybe i should start to submit my work to some bedding companies. i could "settle" for designing for them...;)


  1. Incredible designs, and looks like the greatest quality there is! I think you'd make it as a 'top of the line' designer for sure!... =)

  2. thank you so much 'anonymous':) i would love to do that for a living!!!