Monday, May 3, 2010

'cocoon' sketch for illustration friday

here is my sketch for this week's i.f. theme of 'cocoon'. and let me tell you how EXCITED i am to be able to partake in it this week:) it's been crazy the last few months filling custom orders (no complaints). so now is a bit of 'down-time' and i am LOVING painting this piece!!!
'coccoon' is apparent in 3 ways here...1)she is 'cocooned' in her little kimono/wrap which is 2) made of silk from silk worms who spin their 'cocoon' out of silk. and 3) she is looking a bit reflective and pensive...almost 'cocooned' within herself...
LOVE this piece!!! it satisifies my OBSESSION with the japanese and cherry blossoms...
finished piece to be posted on thursday night:)

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