Thursday, May 6, 2010

illustration friday~cocoon 4-30-10

all done!!! yay!!! i am so happy that i had the time to participate this week in illustration friday. i have been super busy with custom orders and working on some greeting card illustrations as well.
this week's theme was 'cocoon'. and this is my take on it...and fills my obsession for all things japanese;) seriously people...i need to go to japan one of these days...;)
'cocoon' is apparent in 3 ways here...1)she is 'cocooned' in her little kimono/wrap which is 2) made of silk from silk worms who spin their 'cocoon' out of silk. and 3) she is looking a bit reflective and pensive...almost 'cocooned' within herself...
LOVE this piece!!!


  1. Really cute Nicole! Your link from IF didn't work, but the thumbnail was so cute I googled "Nicole Esposito Blog" to find it! You might try to resubmit.

  2. thanks so much d:) i tried linking back to IF but it won't let me...i guess because the topic is already expired. damn, i guess i just cost myself a few views:( i hit the 'submit' button to quickly i suppose...oh well...
    thanks for taking the time to google my little blog here and take a look at my's much appreciated!