Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fruity beauties!

it seems like forever since i have added to my blog here! just a quick update (as i watch the inauguration festivities on my favorite channel-cnn)! i am HONORED to be working with a great writer by the name of jr poulter on a cute little poem entitled "fruity beauties"! i almost fell of my couch when she asked me to do this with her! she writes the cutest stuff:) i got the manuscript about 2 weeks ago and am crazily working on sketches and layouts for this piece! did i mention my wicked little crush on joe biden---sorry i just a glimpse of him here on cnn;) love him!!!!! okay, back to jr and her poem!

my final ideas for the poem are now in rough form and about to be painted up in nice vivid colors (what seems to have become my trademark;))! i thought why not turn the title "fruity beauties" into their own little characters...cute right?! i love these little characters.....sooooo cute:) there is aubrey apple, scarlet strawberry, penelope pineapple and bonita banana! i have included a ROUGH sketch of the strawberry taking a bath in chocolate pudding (to coincide with a line from jr's poem). NOTE-i will be changing the hat to a shower cap in the final painting!

i am hoping to put the finishing touches on the other characters and start painting them all in the next few days! don't forget, i still teach preschool 8 hours a day so right now i am in the midst of juggling both! i want a full-time illustration career so i will do whatever it takes to get there! i am so grateful to jr for this opportunity! THANKS A MILLION JR!!!!

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