Saturday, January 24, 2009

introducing...aubrey apple!

meet aubrey apple:) she is one of the characters i developed for the poem/poster that i am working on for jr poulter for sharing books! it has been a crazy couple of weeks developing the 4 little characters for this poem entitled "fruity beauties!". but i think i finally have it licked! i am just working on the actual paintings/illustrations now. all the rough sketches/layouts and ideas are done! THANK GOD bec i was really stressing about it;( i have included the rough pencil sketch of aubrey as well as the finished piece! hopefully the rest of the little "fruity beauties" will turn out as successful as aubrey did...hopefully;)


  1. these are so sweet and delicate! I love em

  2. thank you john!!! your opinion means sooooo much to me as does all your help and advice:)