Monday, January 26, 2009

meet bonita banana!

meet bonita banana!!!!!!!! she is the second "fruity beauty" for jr poulter's poem that i am working on!

what an amazing opportunity this has been for me! it took a few ideas tossed around in my head until i finally came up with the idea of these four little "fruity beauties". you've met aubrey apple and now bonita banana. she is serving up jr's words of "split with piles of cream and served"! i figured giving her a nice big dollop of whipped cream for her hat would be an extra-cute touch;)
scarlet strawberry and my favorite, penelope pineapple, are the final 2 "beauties" to be completed! i am only sad that it is taking longer than it usually would:( that's due to the extra craziness of running a preschool classroom as my full-time gig! hopefully this poem with jr will help me establish a full-time gig as a kids illustrator...i am done with the teaching part---or at least i hope to be soon;)

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