Wednesday, December 4, 2013

meet Crystal...

April's mermaid based on the gemstone, diamond and...THE FINAL MERMAID in my series of 12!!!

i've actually had this done for over a week and meant to post earlier, but the time got away from me. for all of you who know me personally, you know i began this series back in January. wasn't anticipating 11 months to paint 12 mermaids, but life threw me a curve ball in April and i wound up having a third c-spine/neck surgery. (AND GOD WILLING, THE LAST ONE!). well, the c-spine affects the nerves in the hand and arm, so finishing up these beauties after April certainly hasn't been easy. and while i'm not pain free (and may never be), well, these were truly a labor of love. i made a promise to myself that all 12 of them would get done, pain or no pain. and, well here i am..12 mermaids and 3 c-spine surgeries later!

looking forward to a much better year in 2014 as well as some new art and a bit of a upgrade in style. certainly not going to lose that "anime" feel my art has, just going to switch it up a wee little bit...;)

Crystal is available here as an ORIGINAL PAINTING~

and here as an optional personalized PRINT~

the rest of this month will be spent working on some new ideas/sketches for the upcoming new year!


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