Wednesday, December 11, 2013

oh i LOVE you so!!!

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ahh, the month of in love with you..and your cold temps and your snowy days. even the cloudy gray days seems to bring a bit of joy to my heart (i know, i'm odd...but keep in mind this is the girl who likes it dark at 5 o clock). the introvert for sure who could be locked in for days with a pencil, paintbrush and some paints and be perfectly content...and blissfully happy to boot! :)

the peaceful stillness of the freshly fallen SNOW and the pristine beauty of it all just takes my breath away. and while i know i'm rare, i truly love everything WINTER has to offer. i do know that if you open your mind to beauty that can be seen on the grayest and coldest of days, well, you just may kinda like it too. just a bit...;)

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