Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i've been terrible at updating this blog in the last couple of weeks....lots of custom work (and that's a GREAT thing!)

i am currently working on some custom pieces....2 boys and 1 for a little girl....who LOVES herself some ladybugs. and don't we all....;)

one of the little boy piece's i am working on his for a baby named shane who loves trucks. i decided to incorporate some airplanes and toys and blocks. that way i could place his name on the blocks....not like he would ever forget it or anything....

the other boy piece i am working on is for my a newborn named grady. his nursery is all about the great american game of baseball. still in the process of finishing that sketch...almost done.

and last, but certainly not least, i am working on a piece for a little girl named lauren. she has this *thing* for ladybugs. so, her mom sent me over some pics of her bedding and i incorporated the flowers into the sketch.

shane and lauren's sketches are below. almost done grady's....

whew! lots to do!

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